Series 3: Teams

Series 3 consisted of a total of 12 teams across 16 episodes.

Team 1: Gavin, Tom, Craig and Brian from Uddingston, Glasgow

Team 1's quest was for the sword and lasted 11 minutes.

Level 1

Wall monster clue room: Scored 3 and gained an extra clue.

First team to use the new Serpent's Tongue, where Mellisandre waved to tell them which path to follow.

Encountered Velda, where politeness earned them passage and a 'step' clue for use later on.


Didn't make it to level 2 as they died in the cavern path after accidentally stepping into the quicksand.


In June 2001 I received an e-mail from Gavin Gillespie, the dungeoneer in this team. He said that they actually died on the Serpent's Tongue but were allowed to carry on because the next team had not yet arrived at the studios!

He says "Our directional sense was poor to say the least and we still have arguments as to who's fault it was, watching it on TV with some clever editing makes it look like my fault!".


Team 2: Cliff, James, Richard and Matthew from Felixstowe

Team 2's quest was for the shield and lasted 30 minutes.

Level 1

Motley appeared for the first time in Knightmare in this team's quest, on a ledge of a chasm. Answered a few of his riddles and gained a DRINK spell. Motley: "Mind you don't fall over the Cliff!"

Chased by the behemoth towards another cliff.

A quick DRINK spell revealed a doorway in the water pool room.

Clue room wall monster: Brangwen: Scored: 2.

Mellisandre and Motley gave them another 'step' clue in the kitchen.

Mr. Grimwold enters the room and scares everyone off.

Met Mrs. Grimwold who revealed a well for them after they gave her a bone.

Level 2

Into the Spindizzy, then met Motley in the room with 5 doors. Motley gives a riddle to suggest which door to take.

Additional clue from the raven.

Made it to Merlin's Chamber where they used all the STEP clues to build a path to his throne. Merlin asked them two riddles and the team scored fully and earned a DANCE spell.

Picked up a piece of the shield (their quest object) in the Corridor of the Catacombs.

Then met McGrew, and used the DANCE spell against him. McGrew: "I'll do anything for thee". The team did not wait around to show mercy.


Died in the next chamber as the magical sword attacked them. Aid from McGrew would have saved them.


Team 3: Simon, Claire, Debora and Mark from Horsham

Team 3's quest was for the crown and lasted 20 minutes.

Level 1

Only just escaped the bomb room when it exploded.

Clue room wall monster: Golgarach: Scored 3.

Encountered a magic sword and chased by an Ogre.

Threw down the gauntlet in front of Velda to prove themselves. Velda and the Ogre then have a fight

They light a candle to light up a chasm.

Quick to spot Mrs. Grimwold's trickery as she tried to guide Simon towards Festus the Dog in the wellway room.

Level 2

Hordriss appears for the first time as a ghost in the wall. Simon picks up a bracelet which Treguard describes as a very rare 'amulet of invisibility'.

This is then used to avoid the goblins on guard in the cave.


...then died after guiding Simon over the ledge in the cave! (They didn't tell him to stop walking!).


Team 4: Leo, Matthew, Simon and James from Bromley

Team 4's quest was for the chalice and lasted 44 minutes.

Level 1

Mellisandre tried to tell them something important, but fell down a trapdoor just as she was getting to the point.

Clue room wall monster: Brangwen: Score: 3

Motley appeared as they were chased by Olaf the Viking. Olaf struck himself on the head and nearly fell off the cliff! Motley speaks to Olaf and offers him the folderol which the team collected from the clue room.

Met Mellisandre again to get another 'step' clue.

Wellway had an axe above it, which lowered as Leo climbed in. They managed to descend just in time.

Level 2

Took the door which had the symbol of their quest on at the Spindizzy.

Then to a room in which the doors were guarded by a giant foot and an axe!

The Oracle of Confusion was present in the clue room.

Reached Merlin and earned a SWORD spell, then picked up a piece of their quest in the cave where there was a giant toad for some reason.

Hordriss was unhappy about Leo's presence so they had to threaten him with the SWORD spell which scared him off.

To get into Level 3 they had to tell a joke to Motley. He was not impressed, but agreed to help them nonetheless. He gives the cart a push to send it down the tracks.

Motley: "Get ready for the ride of your life..."

Level 3

Treguard: "Cavernwights, Goblins and even Hob-goblins".

Met Merlin again who gave them an ENERGY and a GRIP spell (to suspend for a short time).

Used GRIP against the Medusa to avoid being turned into stone.

Met the new look Gargoyle where they were asked a riddle, but didn't know the answer.

Met Mogdred who gave them a GLORY spell. Mogdred then sent a magic sword after Leo which damaged their life force, so they had to use the ENERGY spell to restore it.

Past the cobra and the firing cats picking up quest pieces.

Used the stardust to reveal which path to take in the stained-glass room, but to no avail, so they had to guess...


...without important information from the Gargoyle, they chose the wrong path and fell off a cliff.

Nevertheless, Treguard spellcast UNITE instead of the usual DISMISS as they had got the furthest of any team so far this series, and were therefore the current champions.

TES Quest Review: Issue 6, Page 12


In May 2005, Leo signed the Guestbook:

I was on knightmare as a contendor ... ah the memmories, i was amazed to find this website, and hope they bring it back on television"


Team 5: James, Philip, Pulok and Jamie from Ipswich

Team 5's quest was for the shield and lasted 13 minutes.

Level 1

Advisor: "You are in a room with no visible means of exit".

A magic sword emerged from the pool and chased them to the exit!

Clue room wall monster: Golgarach: Score: 2

Blew the horn at the end of the Vale of Vanburn and Velda rescued them from the Behemoth. Velda demands that the horn is returned as they did not earn the right to use it.

Mrs. Grimwold was in the kitchen. They nearly died of starvation, since all that was clearly visible was bones.

James notices a pie on the stove just in time.


Died as the advisors guided James off the ledge in this room.


In May 2002, Pulok Choudhury (one of the advisors in this team) signed the guestbook:

That was me in series 3!!! I was the muppet that killed him off. Ah well, at least they don't mock me about it too much; in fact they stopped 3 years ago...


Team 6: Ross, Gavin, Fu and Shahzad from Birmingham

Team 6's quest was to free the maid and lasted 37 minutes.

Level 1

Mellisandre decides to play 'hide and seek' with Ross, and disappears. As ordered, Ross counts to 10 and proceeds to the next room.

Mellisandre was found rather easily, standing perilously again on a trapdoor.

Guess what happens next? The trapdoor opens, and she falls again. This time, she calls for help. The team's quest will be to rescue her.

Clue room wall monster: Brangwen: Score: 2

Swallowed by the serpent and took a trip down to its stomach. They throw an egg to upset it.

It releases them to the pool room. They use a fishing rod to fish out an exit door!

Motley asked them a riddle in the kitchen which they got right, with some prompting. They earn a BIG spell and a 'step' clue.

Used spell to rid the threat of Olaf.

Solved an on-screen puzzle in order to gain a view of the wellway room so they could guide the dungeoneer through it. They managed this by spelling out 'The Maid'.

Level 2

Met Merlin, scored 2 and got a TWIST spell to turn the central doors the right way round.

Met McGrew who helped them into the next scene which was a bridge with what looked like Mogdred in disguise.

Mogdred turned McGrew into a toad, but then the team turned him back by dis-spelling it.

McGrew helped them to the cave by helping fight off magic swords, then gave the mineshaft cart a push through the force field, so Ross went into level 3 in style...

Level 3

...where they died in the second room by falling off the ledge after Morghanna sent out a chasing axe:

TES Quest Review: Issue 4, Page 19


Team 7: Kelly, Emma, Sarah and Tammi from Norfolk-on-Sea

Team 7's quest was for the shield and lasted 17 minutes.

Level 1

Clue room wall monster: Golgarach: Score: 2

Escape from the narrow ledge as a spider crosses their path.

Velda shot a couple of goblins. Team gave Velda a rose for passage and earned a TRANSFORM spell.

Next was Mrs. Grimwold and Festus the dog in a room where all the doors were blocked. Kelly used the spell to turn into a warrior to scare Mrs. G and gain some clues, and then break through a door.


They got killed by the Ogre (Mrs. Grimwold's husband).

They needed a crayon to create a wellway, which they didn't take.


Team 8: Douglas, Richard, Derek and Matthew from Weston-Super-Mare

Team 8's quest was for the crown and lasted for 13 minutes.

Level 1

Met Mellisandre in the Vale of (green) Worms.

Clue room wall monster: Brangwen: Score: 1

Brangwen: "Your quest is for the Crown... all other knowledge is denied".

They were pedestrian on the Serpent's Tongue, and despite Mellisandre hailing them onto an adjacent ledge, they continued into the serpents mouth. Perhaps they were let off, for then, they walked through the Serpent's Stomach instead of reaching their death at this point.

Met Motley in the pool room (but the water had been drained). They fail to tell Motley that a snake appeared behind him! Motley runs off when he finds out.


Died in a bomb room because they didn't have an armored Gauntlet to throw down to stop the fuse, but they didn't know this because they didn't earn the information from Brangwen.


Team 9: Scott, Jeremy, Nathan and Ian from Ash Vale (Hampshire)

Team 9's quest was for the chalice and lasted 28 minutes

Level 1

Found a magic sword guarding their food!

Clue room wall monster: Golgarach: Score: 1

Met Mrs. Grimwold in 'that 4-door room' but sensibly refused to buy a map of the dungeon off her.

On guiding Scott to the doors, the advisors actually accidentally guide him into the wall! (It can be heard that he crashes into the wall. Whether this was real or an added sound effect is unknown).

Behemoth in the kitchen, so they blow a horn which summons Velda. Velda rather angrily asks for an explanation, but refuses to accept it, and then blames Treguard. I suppose you can't please everyone.

Into a cave with a hovering key-hole above a trapdoor which they use to get into Level 2! Unusual.

Level 2

Jumped off the Spindizzy at the wrong moment, and was therefore given an additional hazard - a screen block puzzle.

They could reveal any two blocks by calling out the names of the faces. Scott picks Treguard at random, before the team recognize the benefit of choice and instruct Scott to choose Ian. Hence, the right side of the room becomes visible.

The Oracle of Confusion gave them the clue to the second 'step'.

A couple of rather nasty skulls damaged their life force on the bridge.

A problem arose in Merlin's Chamber. They had the clues to the second and third steps, but not the first step. As a result, with life-force critical following the skulls, they had to hurredly jump the gap...


Scott jumped brilliantly, but as he recovered he fell over the edge and died.


In 2003, Scott posted on the Forum (username: Scott_Series_3) with behind-the-scenes insights about his quest. These can be read in this thread.


Team 10: Julie, Amanda, Marie and Angela from Knighton, Leicester

Team 10's quest was for the sword and lasted 29 minutes.

Level 1

Clue room wall monster: Brangwen: Score: 2

Met Mellisandre again. She gave the team a rhyme in the dungeon kitchen with information on the path ahead, and also the second 'step' clue.

Got past Olaf by giving him a candle.

Wellway room was pitch dark, so they used a FLARE spell to make it alight.

Life force was damaged as Julie climbed into the wellway because of a skull.

Level 2

Met Hordriss who gave them clues on which doorway to take, and the final 'step' clue for use in Merlin's Chamber.

In the clue room, they actually entered and exited the room from the unusual ends!

Thanks to Alex Smith for the rest of this team's description (episode 13):

After they taking the steps, they summoned Merlin, who was not happy at being disturbed as he was in the middle of a spell or something. He asked Treguard to reduce the number of adventures down to one every 50 years.

Got one of the two riddles correct. [The only team who encountered Merlin who failed to earn magic]

Next, a room with a raven in the middle. Repeated "Goodnight Jack" a few times (which made everyone including Treguard laugh). They realised that there was nothing else to do there.

Instead of a drop beyond the cave, there was a giant toad. A skull appeared and they made their way to the left of the cave.

Julie helped to untie Velda in the next part of the cave, after goblins have run off. She gave them a green gemstone in return and left.

They saw something at the end of the Corridor of the Catacombs.

Julie: "Who is it?". Treguard: "It's goblins".


The team guided Julie to the right door, but a goblin emerged. Another one came out of the left door, and Julie was trapped.

Since Velda has said the jewel was well respected by everyone in the dungeon realm, the advisors tell Julie to ask the goblins if they would like a present!

Treguard: "Oooooh... that is nasty. I shouldn't look any more if I were you."

Treguard revealed that Merlin's 'anti-goblin spell' would have helped them there.


Team 11: Martin , Darren, Lee and Jamie from York

Team 11's quest was for the chalice and lasted 47 minutes

Thanks to Alex Smith for this team's description (also from episode 13):

Level 1

Found themselves waist deep in water. A shark appeared (with some rather strange synth music) and this made the team panic slightly. All they had to do was tell Martin to walk forward, but they kept telling him to turn left/right/left as he kept turning too far. Treguard laughed! Eventually, they escaped.

Came to the kitchen, and were about to pick up a pie when Motley entered and stopped them. He informed Martin that the pie belonged to Grimwold the Ogre.

Motley told them that he had some magic to give them, but he wanted to them to tell him a fresh joke that hadn't been heard in the dungeon before. Martin came up with his own:

Martin: "Why did the punk cross the road?"

"Because he was stapled to the chicken!"

Motley liked the joke and gave them the spell GHOST.

Clue room wall monster: Golgarach: Score: 2: Clues: The gold is fake.

Velda, in the previous Ariadne's Lair, was locked up, so they offered to help her because they had a key, and got some clues in return.

Team turned their dungeoneer into a ghost to pass through the walls in the great Corridor of the Catacombs, and scare off the warrior guarding the wellway!

Level 2

Listened to the Oracle.

Reached Merlin and got both riddles correct. Earned CURE spell ('a universal remedy').

Motley appeared to have lost his voice because Hordriss did something to him, so the team decide to help out by using the spell.

To the mine cart ride entrance, where they call on Motley for help.

Level 3

Energy sprite is guarded by a hobgoblin!

Lifted up a Talisman in the clue room which turned out to be a destructor so the room and Treguard went mad for a few seconds.

Met Owen the dragon, but didn't get his riddle correct and so lost out on vital dragon magic.

A magic axe guarded the 'M' sign which summons Merlin, which made it difficult for Martin to touch. Merlin warns the team about Morghanna, and how she should not be trusted.


Would they be the first team this series to get past the stained glass room? No. Morghanna smashed into the picture and put an end to the quest just after they had picked up a final quest piece. They needed more help from Owen. Two appearances and two fatalities for Morghanna.


Team 12: Chris, James, Alex and Tim from Bristol

Team 12's quest was for the shield and lasted 26 minutes.

Level 1

Met Hordriss on a ledge and agreed to collect an hour glass for him.

Put herbs into old Mildread's cauldron (she wasn't there), expecting that something knice might happen, but ghosts started appearing from the cauldron! (a nasty blue skull as well!).

Clue room wall monster: Brangwen: Score: 2

Used a SPEED spell from Hordriss to get moving in the portal corridors as they were being chased by Grimwold.

Became trapped between two bands of goblins in the Green Cavern and had to escape into the cave, which revealed the Corridor of the Catacombs. The goblins pursued.

Found Hordriss in the Vale of Vanburn and gave him the hour glass from the clue room. Goblins scuttle in. Hordriss delights at dispatching them using a magic sword.

Another on-screen puzzle with letters which need to be revealed in order to see the rest of the room and guide the dungeoneer. The word they had to spell out here was 'SHIELD'.

Mrs. Grimwold in the wellway room. By now all the watchers in 1989 were so used to the "SHUT UP FESTUS!" routine that I bet everyone was shouting it at their televisions right now.

Level 2

Landed in the Mills of Doom, then onto Merlin's.

Got both riddles correct and gained a FLIGHT spell.

Merlin: "Use it quickly, use it once".

The dungeon was beginning to wind-down now... [Illustrated by the incidental tone in the dwarf tunnel]

Season End

For more information, see the End of Season page.