The only winning team of series 6 of Knightmare was team 5.

Team 5: Ben, James, Alan and Nathan from Salisbury

Team 5 completed the dungeon in their quest for the shield and took 55 minutes.

Captain Nemanor sends Ben deep to Caverns of Gore, 'the last dungeon', using a WIND spell.

A scroll here says 'TRICK or TREAT'. Two different spells, but which one should they use? They decided to use TRICK. Hordriss appears, very angry that he has been summoned to such a place, and demands that Ben dis-spells as Hordriss' own magic doesn't work this close to Mount Fear. The team demand that they get something in return.

Ben: "Hordriss, you're at my mercy. What will you give me to let you go back?"

"We need the crown Hordriss..."

Hordriss eventually agrees and gives them a SPLASH spell.

Then onto the first section of a massive number puzzle, The Great Causeway. The scroll they read in Ariadne's Lair gave some clues to the first section, but some educated guesswork was needed to get to safe ground.

James: "Basically, we missed out something and we got it right by a complete guess."

Onto the second section, a middle platform spelling out 'FIND'. Once Ben had stepped on the sequence, more blocks appear spelling out 'PATH'. The team just made the opening letter, but then completed the causeway with ease, keeping far ahead of the dropping blocks.

Treguard: "Extreme danger team. This would appear to be the final encounter."

Lord Fear: "Now there's the crown, but you can't get it without me swatting you with a fireball. Now Ben, you haven't had much food recently, and soon you'll begin to starve. I'm just going to sit here and watch you die."

Lucky they had the SPLASH spell, which sent Lord Fear splashing into his own communications pool!

Lord Fear: "Oh, very clever! Most amusing!"

Pickle: "Life Force is getting critical, Master! Ben may have the crown, but does he have enough energy to redeem it?"

Treguard: "The elf's right, boys. Find your way back and find it fast!!"

Pickle: "Come on Ben! Quick as you can! Run for it!"

Treguard: "Even as I speak, your names are being written on a certain roll of honour, and there are very few names on that roll."

Hordriss: "Congratulations... a rare victory. I think this artifact deserves a new ownership"


This team were one of the best I've seen. Their guiding, communication and knowledge were spot on, especially on causeways where they always managed to keep well ahead of the Frightknight's sword.

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