Information, images, reviews and resources for the two main computer games: one in 1988 (Activision/Ricochet) for the Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST and C64, and one in late 1991 (Mindscape) for the Amiga and Atari ST. World of Spectrum has a review of the Spectrum version.

Print Press

Articles in print which feature Knightmare.


Interviews with the cast and creators of the show.

Peoples' experiences in auditioning for, and taking part in Knightmare.

The full story (including 125 images) of this team's Knightmare audition and their winning quest in 1991! This is a fascinating insight into what Knightmare teams really went through, including the whole audition process, being notified, sorting out travel and hotels, explaining the rules of the game, and the tour of the Anglia studios.

After misfortune prevented Paul Boland appearing on Series 6, his team are invited to visit the Knightmare studios as VIP guests!

Previously unseen and unreleased footage is now available to see.

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