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A review of the Knightmare Board Game manufactured by MB Games in 1991. Also features scans of the riddle book.

Knightmare Board Game

The spell-binding, medieval game of magic

This review is taken from 'The Quest' Issue 1-3:

TQ's intrepid raving reporter Ossian Hawkes is 12 years old and a Knightmare devotee. Against impossible odds (his parents might have discovered he'd snitched the biscuit tin) he and his life-long buddy Adam Westwood settled down at the dead of night - well, half past three - to play the Knightmare board game and report back to us.

It was tough, but they came back alive, bloodied but undamaged, to file this report.

Board Game? Not So Tame!
By Ossian Hawkes

The game gets ten out of ten for layout. The board itself is colorful and eye-catching, although it's not that easy to distinguish one brown from the other. Brown, that is. The questions and riddles (all of them real Knightmare ones) were excellent, except that some of the riddles were too hard. Mind you, Adam said that and he lost... After playing three or four games, though, we would have run out of riddles, so maybe it would be a good idea if they printed some more riddle books.

Pickle is a Pooka, of course, and on the board the Pooka is an enemy, so that needs sorting out. And they spelt Treguard's name incorrectly - not on the box, but on the chance cards... Also one character from the game's second level is not featured on the card inserted in the box!

We gave it 6 out of 10 for easiness, it certainly shouldn't be any more difficult! Our game took us 2 and a half hours to complete, which is a bit too ling, although we did play it without any breaks at all, so it must have been exciting!

Overall the game gets 9 out of 10. It's a good idea to include details of the club with the game, so that all your friends can join! We thought it was going to be around £15, so at £13.95 it's good value! And I won, of course.


In March 2000, Ossian Hawkes, who wrote the above article signed my Guestbook. This is what he wrote:

My friend and I were just trying to find our own names on the internet (a bit of an ego-trip, but we're bored, humour us!). No luck for him, but I discover a 12 year old incarnation of myself in your online copy of 'The Quest' reviewing the board game.

David Learner is a family friend, which is how I got the lucky job of reviewing it all of 8 years ago. Thanks for putting my review online and making sure that no-one forgets Knightmare.


Did you know?

The game board has pictures of many rooms from series 1-3, of which were all used on the TV show exactly as it was shown on the game board, except this one:

This room WAS used in series 3, but never with the bars in front and those type of doors. Perhaps it was one on David Rowe's prototype drawings that didn't make in onto the screen.

Riddle Book

We occasionally get e-mails from people who say that they have lost their riddle book, and whether there was a way of getting hold of another copy. Well, we thought it would be a good idea to scan them and put it on this website:


The Knightmare board game is no-longer available. However, whilst searching the newsgroups one day, I came across a great story from Daemon about how he managed to buy the board game in a charity shop for only £1! (it was originally sold through the Knightmare Adventurer's Club and in the shops for £15.99). Here it is:

>> Forum:

>> Thread: TREGUARD! (sp)

I, on my many travels into charity shops, found a near-mint condition box of the board game Knightmare (though I've never played it, it's a damn fine thing to own just to say you do). Seizing the opportunity before some Evil Collector came along, I decided to purchase on the spot, regardless of price. When I went to purchase it, the lady joyfully informed me I couldn't buy it, because they hadn't checked if all the pieces were there... DISASTER! And I wouldn't be returning to this shop for nearly a month...

Using the Lucky Rabbit's Foot I had picked up earlier (okay I made that up to stay in atmosphere) I persuaded the lady that "I just liked the box" and didn't care if the contents were missing (a complete lie, but I still wanted it no matter what state it was in). She said she still didn't want to sell it, but I said I really wouldn't take it back if things were missing, really I wouldn't. So negotiating a price we finally settled on ONE BRITISH POUND! I couldn't believe my luck, and laughed all the way home.

There is no moral to this story. I'm short enough on morals anyway.

I haven't played it yet, but this was only a few weeks ago, and I've been busy. I may well play it tonight! :)

And for those of you that care, there was one missing bit. The dice! And it was a standard red six-sided dice, like you can pick up almost nowhere, but everyone has loads of 'em anyway.