Knightmare made an appearance on ITV Play as the answer to one of its phone-in quizzes.

On 7 July 2006, Knightmare was one of the answers on Quizmania for the category 'Kids TV shows'.

This screenshot shows presenter Greg Scott referring to the digital display. Knightmare has already been uncovered alongside other familiar classics such as Rainbow and Grange Hill.

Each successful caller for this game won £300.

About ITV Play

ITV Play was launched in 2006 as a new 'participation TV channel' following the popularity of late-night quiz shows across the ITV network.

Quizmania was an existing show on Sky that was taken up by ITV as part of this strategy. By the end of May 2006, Quizmania aired on ITV Play during weekdays from 3pm-6pm and on ITV1 from midnight until the early hours.

Both the show and the channel were suspended in 2007 following an investigation into the phone-in segments of quiz shows. A short attempt at an online revival failed to gather any momentum.

For Knightmare to make an appearance on Friday late afternoon is fitting enough. But it's lamentable that one of ITV's pioneering and most creative gameshows should become a footnote to one of its worst.


  • Keith Moss (Brollachan) for the information.

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