Knightmare was mentioned on this week's episode of Mock The Week.

During the 14th July episode of the BBC Two panel show, a photo was shown of Andy Murray in an ice bath with his newly reclaimed Wimbledon trophy. Andy had already been identified in the studio audience. This led to the following exchange between comedian Josh Widdicombe and Andy Murray:

Josh: That trophy, you could fit your head inside. Have you toyed with putting your head in the trophy and playing Knightmare?

Andy: I haven't actually, no.

Josh: When you get home, you are going to have the time of your life.

The episode (Series 15 Episode 6) is currently available on BBC iPlayer here. The exchange occurs about 17 minutes in. Thank you to James for bringing us news of this via the forum.

It's pleasing to hear a good response from the audience, most of whom clearly get the reference. And it's worth adding that Knightmare's first ever dungeoneer David Campbell, while not a winner himself, was a Scot too.

Less than a fortnight earlier on 5th July, Josh Widdicombe had appeared on Dave gameshow Taskmaster (Series 2 Episode 3) for a task that involved him wearing a blindfold and being guided by other celebrities while carrying a potato ( knapsack provided). It's probably safe to assume that Knightmare crossed his mind, especially since he has previously been a Knightmare Live advisor and has referred to Knightmare on BBC Radio 4's Wordaholics (Series 3 Episode 2). The Taskmaster episode is currently available on UKTV Player here: the challenge in question starts 33 minutes in.

There's always a sense of triumph in hearing a popular ITV series acknowledged on the BBC. We've been pleased to report Knightmare references on BBC One's I Love My Country in 2013 and on Pointless in 2016. Only Connect is next on the wish list.

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