A Knightmare filming location was the subject of a recent documentary.

Leeds Castle in Kent was featured on Secrets of Great British Castles in Series 2 Episode 4, first shown on Channel 5 on 25th November. The castle is familiar to watchers of Knightmare Series 4 (1990), which saw the addition of real-life locations to the hand-painted dungeon rooms that defined Series 1-3. These were seen via photographic backdrops and eyeshield video sequences.

The castle, mysteriously referred to by Merlin as the Tower of Time, was the gateway to Level 3. Dungeoneers could reach it by being rowed across a lake (the Dunswater) by a cowled ferryman in exchange for silver and gold bars. Several chambers in Levels 1 and 2 were also taken from Leeds castle's interior.

Secrets of Great British Castles is available via online catchup service My5 and is well worth watching. You can find out more on the TV series' own webpagethe Leeds Castle website and the Leeds Castle entry in the Knightmare Lexicon.

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