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Re: Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Sun Nov 02, 2003 4:22 pm
by Porsmond
Cheers Leggy for Episode 1, you're a lifesaver.

Basiclly I couldnt watch Episode 1 at the time because I was on holiday so I could only record the series from Episode 2, Now when I get offline I can finally watch the Episode I've missed, Thanks again :)  :)

Re: Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Mon Nov 03, 2003 3:08 am
by Moggydredlock
Did I miss something lately?  So Leggy has started upping AVIs again?  Such a shame I've forgotten the URL. :(

Re: Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Mon Nov 03, 2003 3:42 pm
by Moggydredlock
Speaking of which, is he upping them to his site or to some P2P network?

Re: Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2003 11:34 pm
by Porsmond
Hopefully Leggy wont mind me revealing the address, so here it is ;) ... ries5.html

I think Series 4 is still available, just change the 5 at the end of series to a 4 :)

Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 7:04 pm
by Tom41
(merge with current thread if it exists)

Few changes in the beginning of the series and teams. As the episode opens, we see that the cartoon intro sequence has been playing on the advisers wall monitor. Also, the dungeoneers no longer appear 'at the door' - Treguard just says Enter Stranger to summon them in.
Pickle now takes the team's names and details on a parchment scroll

First appearance of Smirkenoff at the beginning, and we see a dragon-ride into Level 1! Smirkenoff didn't speak in this series.

Through a castle door and into the woods (?!) then into a clearing. Brother Mace and Sylvester Hands were playing some card game. Mace gave them some information - near the forest is the village of Wolfenden. They were told to find Julius Scaramonger, and give him a bag of gold which Mace owes him.

Through the portal and straight into Wolfenden. Julius Scaramonger was there, and tried to buy the eye-shield, helmet and knapsack off Katherine! She refused of course, and then made Scaramonger promise to give them some information or items before handing over the gold from Mace. They got a spy-glass from him, then went into the building.

Inside the building, got some food and Treguard explained how to use the spy-glass, by holding it up in front of the eye-shield. Lord Fear appears for the first time ever. Didn't gain much information, apart from that the goblin master is hunting the dungeoneer. Just managed to throw the spy-glass down before LF was able to destroy her!
The next eye-shield sequence was the only one not to have been 'solarized' by digital effect!

Arrived in a forest clearing, and Gwendolin the Greenwarden appeared! Answered a riddle, and gained a password "Saracen" from her - and even asked her how to spell it!

There was a blocker in the next area, which came forward and asked for the PASS-WORD! Gave it the password they just got "Saracen" which caused the blocker to go away. Through the door and into the Decender - a mechanical, spellbound lift! They said 'could you move please' and it started moving down, towards Level 2!
Stopped by two doors (the right one had a frightknight over it). They decided to take the door without the FrightKnight over it.

Through an eye-shield sequence, up some steps made of brick or wood (but making a metal noise, somehow). Only a slight digital effect applied to this sequence.

Hordriss was in the next room at a desk. Timed out just as the dungeoneer sat down. Smirkenoff flight sequence under the credits - looks like he's flying back to Wolfenden! Which version of the Broadsword logo was that? I don't remember it from CITV or Sci-Fi!

Re:Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 7:08 pm
by HarveyTowers
Here we go again!

Two thinks of note - first of all I never realised Smirky used to be blue and I noticed that Paul Valentine hasn't quite got his Sly Hands voice.

Gwendoline gave a good quote about "destroying spoilers" - can anyone remember the full line?

Re:Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 7:52 pm
by Billy
And with a cloaked Treguard standing outside Knightmare Castle, Series 5 begins. Our first team are asked by Treguard which item they want to redeem (they choose the cup) and Dungeoneer Kathryn walks through the really horrible looking dungeon door effect. Sorry, I hate it with a passion, purple lines moving left and right does not a portal make. Why didn't they just tint it blue, or something? That would have been much more effective. Note that the eye shield is now given to the dungeoneer along with the knapsack and helmet, rather than seperately.

Enough moaning! Let's get on with the quest! We see a mute Smirkenoff in his first ever appearance (Treguard makes the first ever reference to the Powers that Be here), followed by an old face versus a knew face- Brother Mace and Sylvester Hands. I noticed Paul Valentine hasn't got Hands' voice right yet, it's more gravelly and serious than later on. Then came Wolfglade and Julius Scaramonger, another first appearance, who gives them a spyglass. Note that the glass was completely black, otherwise it would have reflected the blue room. And then came Lord Fear's first appearance! The sequence didn't give that much away compared to later series, and Mark Knight hadn't quite nailed LF's voice yet, but was still a neat debut. I loved the blood red eyes! The episode then continued with debuts for Gwendoline, an ultra cool looking Blocker, the Decender, and ended with a knew Broadsword logo. Oddly the sound effect was at a very low pitch...and RIGHT at the end we saw an unusual Anglia endcap!

Re:Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 9:30 pm
by TheBrollachan
EDIT: Just for reference the thread that this was in a seperate thread with Tom41's post. As the threads have been merged I've removed the rest of my post as it won't make much sense now.


Re:Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 9:44 pm
by TheBrollachan
It seemed like they were trying to introduce as many characters (old and new) into one episode as possible. Interesting looking at the floor of the decender the angle of the 'reflection' is out in comparison to the walls.


Re:Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 11:27 pm
by DazzaS
I really do not like the outside parts of the dungeon. But I know there are people who do so I wont moan more bout it.

Some of the most memorable cast memebers are introduced here. Sly Hands, Scaramonger (or however u spell his name), Smirkenorff and of course LF.

Was it this seris or the next that Hordriss shifts over to the Powers that Be. I think its more the next but im not so sure. But next this seris is there there are long running stories within the dungeon i think.

Re:Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 7:41 am
by TheBrollachan
Officially Hordriss decided to work for the powers that be in the closing episodes of series 6. It was before the final team (I think) he contacted Treguard offering to send Sidriss to help the team etc. Though in series 6 Hordriss was working more on side of the powers that be.

Re:Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 11:39 am
by darkDescender
Well, let's see...Started out quite slow. Lots of yellow is not good for one's eyes. Mayhap that's why pickle was quiet? He was stunned into silence by the oh! so yellow! shirts. Met Smirky for the first time. Very strange watching him without a voice. Mace and sly hands next. Sly does sound a little off. Met Scaramonger next, and fans of Rocky horror will know he's hiding a fabulous body under those clothes...Ahem. Back on track, Scaramonger gave a spyglass in return for a bag of gold from mace. First spyglass sequence followed. Lord F performs his party trick. Questioned by the boring warden and earned password. Blocked by a blocker. Down in the descender. (Hurrah! love that descender!) Timed out as they met hordriss. All in all an enjoyable but ultimately forgettable episode. Credits featured no snarky comments from Challenge! announcers.

Re:Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 1:02 pm
by Kieran
I have now merged the topic. As stated, there is at least 1 thread for each episode now, so please find those first before posting an unnecessary duplicate thread.

As for this episode, it is my favourite start of the season.

Immediately you can tell that the dungeon has expanded, and is far more colourful.

Smirkey is far less animated than in future seasons, and that is mainly due to him not having a voice. Pickle, too, seems a lot less animated than in S4. Is this because he no longer HAS any decent advice to give th dungeoneers? It sure feels that way.

Lots of new characters, and of course, the famous Wolfenden which we now have on-location pictures of. Very interesting episode, and sets up the season very well.

Re: Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:10 pm
by Canadanne
Interesting how, when Treguard is talking about the four quest objects, he says: "Each may be found in a different place and perhaps time, and portions of each may well be found separately." As they hadn't used the "collecting fragments" method since Series 3, and surely had no intention of using it in Series 5, I wonder why he even bothered mentioning it!

Similarly, what on earth was the point of Brother Mace saying that Scaramonger might even give them "directions into the mines of Malapith"? There was absolutely no further mention of it, so I'm not sure why he brought that up. I wonder if it was something they meant to follow up later and forgot.
Belladonna Silver wrote:There seemed to be a lot of explaining things (new series=new viewers I guess) but the team didn't appear to understand the game. OK there was new rooms and characters but they seemed to be in over their heads!
At least one of Kathryn's advisors had obviously never seen Knightmare before!
[The Descender begins to move.]
Advisor: "Oh! You're going... down??"
Pickle: "You must be on your way to Level 2!"
Advisor: (frowns) "Do we want to go up??"

Re: Series 5 Episode 1

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:58 pm
by Canadanne
I have never been able to make out what Pickle exclaims when they first see Lord Fear through the spyglass. Does anyone know? (They obviously don't have elocution lessons in the realm of the elven kin!)