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Re: Series 5 Episode 12 (Fri 14th)

Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2003 12:58 pm
by Lord_Bob
Still I am really looking forward to Monday's Episode, to see the hilarious moment  ;D

Re: Series 5 Episode 12 (Fri 14th)

Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2003 3:41 pm
by Porsmond
So whats this hilarious moment I should look out for then, Any spoilers??

Is it the Death Sequence cause that sounds quite funny to watch according to the Series Link?? but then again I dont think we will see the Death until Wednesday so what else happens that is funny??

Re: Series 5 Episode 12 (Fri 14th)

Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2003 6:28 pm
by Lord_Bob
Well i dont want to give any spoilers. It is to do with the death sequence if thats what you mean.

Re: Series 5 Episode 12 (Fri 14th)

Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2003 9:08 pm
by FrightKnight
I think I know what you mean regarding the death sequence, is it the one available on the clips section on the Knightmare website?

The ending to this past episode was...odd, to say the least. I also thought the team death was unfair, and it made me jump too. :o

Still, I'm beginning to like my don't-watch-it-for-two-weeks-(because I can't, being at uni)-then-watch-6-episodes-back-to-back.

I've also started noticing Pickle and Treguard doing a bit of banter during the Eye Shield sequences, thankfully.

Re: Series 5 Episode 12 (Fri 14th)

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2003 2:03 am
by GrimaldineGrimwold
I think I know what you mean regarding the death sequence, is it the one available on the clips section on the Knightmare website?
Yes. It's definitely there.

Re: Series 5 Episode 12 (Fri 14th)

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2003 7:58 pm
by Cull
In regards to the "reading the menu" argument, I also think it was to do with Chris needing glasses. Could you see someone comfortably wearing specs with the Helmet of Justice on top? :)

In regards to the "did Team 6 die fairly" argument, I'll say that as much as I liked the team, they did make a couple of pretty fatal flaws that should have killed them. But to have a potentially spectacular death that should have killed them replaced with a lousy "yet another causeway death"... UGH!

Re: Series 5 Episode 12 (Fri 14th)

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2003 8:08 pm
by Lord_Bob
It is confusing how, after making the aforementioned errors, Team 6 were allowed to carry on and almost reach level three when they made the not enough questions correct error in level 1

Re:Series 5 - Episode 12

Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2004 8:32 am
by Billy
Looks like I made a boo boo when I told Illusion which duplicate threads should be merged....the first four posts in this thread should be in the Episode 11 thread.

This team spent most of this episode on a quest to search Elita's voice. It seems spells don't work on skulls, though, as they (incorrectly) spellcast BAG on it and nothing happened. What's more, they spellcasted it again with the voice and it worked. After that they headed into an usual S6-style room, without that annoying S5 solarise effect. After finding a scroll and key using the divining rod...they fall to their doom in the causeway. Funny how fortunes change in an instant...

Loved the "Could you turn the eyeshield the other way" line from one of the advisors from the next team...and as if by magic, it does!

Re:Series 5 - Episode 12

Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2004 5:37 pm
by Tom41
I remember well them trying to spellcast BAG against one of those floating skulls. The production crew clearly weren't ready for it, as nothing happened and no letters appeared on the screen. They were let off though and saved the spell for later.

When they WERE ready for the BAG spell to be cast (with Elita's voice), it took them FOREVER to realise that the voice was there and needed capturing! I thought their life force was going to run out = death when I first watched it ;)

Re:Series 5 - Episode 12

Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2004 7:32 pm
by HarveyTowers
They should have lost BAG after they tried to use it on the skull, but then I'm a hard man.

Liked the end squence showing the camera pulling back from the anti-chamber and then reversing through the end credits

Re:Series 5 - Episode 12

Posted: Tue Sep 07, 2004 7:51 pm
by FrightKnight
Excellent! This is where I posted for the first time on an episode thread!

Still think it was a tad unfair, that death. Even 10 months on. Or 13 years, even... ::)

Re:Series 5 - Episode 12

Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 7:23 pm
by Velda
I don't really understand how this team died on the Causeway, they were pretty was like they were killed off just for fun!

I thought it was really funny when the advisor thought the skull should be BAGed! How would a skull be Elita's voice? :D

Re:Series 5 - Episode 12

Posted: Sat May 13, 2006 10:51 am
by sonadagothalus
I really thought that both Grant and Richard were very cute, and was very sorry to see them die...made me chuckle when i got the dvds and saw them...all came flooding back to me....

Moreso the fact this was 15 years ago and im guessing the boys are settled down with families now :(

Re:Series 5 - Episode 12

Posted: Fri Nov 28, 2008 6:22 pm
by Selphie
I think calling this team cheats is way too harsh. My reasoning for this:

1) The Gwen situation. They took her token, in some quests this would seem to be enough to get the help required to progress. To have to answer questions on top of this makes it a trickier challenge to start with (compared to other quests *this* series, I'm not even going to start on the series 3 comparisons...). The questions themselves were in my opinion, quite difficult. I think the main issue people have with this is that it was stated at the beginning that she wanted two correct answers and then gave the password with one. The team was lucky to be given this yes, but they certainly didn't cheat.

2) The BAG spell. They definatly cast it in the wrong place becuase they thought the haunting was the voice. It's easy for us all to see that it was a FWS but to give the team the benefit they didn't know what they were looking for and opting for trying to bag the chattering teeth skull isn't the silliest mistake I've seen a team make. Again they were lucky that they were allowed to use the spell again, but they weren't cheating; it was the fault of the production team that they weren't prepared for them using the spell early so they had to let them off with it. And if they had been finished here then we wouldn't have had the opportunity for more Pickle complaining about Elita banter... ::)

3) The causeway of death. While we will never know if they were too slow it seems more likely they were in loosing status over the BAG spell and since they couldn't win had to be killed off. I don't think this was the best way to end them, but it was one of the easier ways.

Anyway, I liked this team. They all contributed and were into it without panicking! I salute any team who have thought about how they can direct their dungeoneer at anything other than 90 degree angles ;) The descriptions of the rooms were brief but useful; where the exit is and anything extraordinary. If they'd been given the quest some other teams had I'm sure they would have made it at least into level 3 :).

I only realised on their second episode that they were all from Challoner's boys school, that's not far from me, in fact my mum used to teach there! Although it does seem a bit odd to give a school as where you're from, it's not unusual for people to travel from quite long distances to get to school so it's better to say they're all from there (their common ground) then giving the names of a couple of far flung places .

New team. They look really young! Chris not being able to read the scroll was strange, he must be trying to look down and not looking through his glasses, who knows? Not very helpful to have a dungeoneer with even further reduced vision!

Re: Series 5 - Episode 12

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 12:06 am
by Canadanne
It's funny to see Alex (and Christopher in the next episode) using a spyglass in that Level 2 clue room, knowing that it's the same room they used for the background of Mount Fear! They have no idea that Lord Fear's sitting there just out of shot and the Frightknights could zoom across at any moment, haha.

When they spellcast BAG to trap Elita's voice, it also magically gives her Pixel's accent for a moment. *g*