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Series 6 Episode 7

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2004 7:36 pm
by Johntea
This episode was so funny!

I saw the causeway approaching and thought "Oh Dear!". Treguard starts to explain about the timer but they totally ignore his advice and are like "OK Alan...You're on another...umm...causeway...and theres a time limit so...hurry up...Can you take a sidestep to your right...and again...left!...left!!" :D

"I told you you had to be quick in Level 3!"

Then Lord Fear even has banter with Treguard (To fill time?) before the new team. Now was it just me or are this team having a easy ride at the moment? They made a complete dogs dinner of the first causeway, stepping on at least one 'even' tile but let off (They were touching the first two tiles at the start!) - Which probably shows you could run across it and still make it across. Also Pickle was basically telling them what route to take.

Then we get some lovely eye shield scenes with that annoying jester, Then they find Sidriss (is that her name? I forgot!) and she sees GOBLINS! 8)

A boat ride later and the action freezes during a eye shield scene.

No 'moving' Treguard at the end though :-X

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Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2004 7:51 pm
by mattymoo_goblin
That was really good where the goblins chased after them and they run into the tunnels and almost bump into them.
At least there was more action then just loads of talking on every scene.
I was disappointed at the start because last time we saw a bit of Skarkill at the end of the passage, when it was game on they just walked onto the causeway >:(
Yeh she was clearly on the even number but those timed causeways the blocks only seem to fall when the sword reaches the dot.
I really liked that episode, hope the next one will be just as good!

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Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2004 8:01 pm
by Skarkill
YOU WERE DISSAPOINTED. >:( >:( >:( >:(

How do you think I flet thought we were going to see Skarkill's first apperence in the dungeon but we get Jiffed. WHAT Happend?

Mabey Ray was off that week they filmed? ???

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Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2004 8:11 pm
by Billy
I noticed the announcer has learned of his mistake from yesterday and said '1992' instead of '1980s'. And the picture of the Knightmare logo leading into the ad breaks is now silent, which is good, as the music was a bit distracting. As for Team 3, I figured that they wouldn't last long in this episode, but I didn't think they'd be killed off as quickly as that! Still, I guess they did indeed take a little too long at the start of the causeway, especially considering they were into Level 3 by then. It's a shame we never did see Skarkill in the end, and find out what Ariadne's lair looks like, but hopefully we'll see it in a future episode. Nice to see Lord Fear making an appearance between quests, though. As for January's team, they appeared to be well ahead of the falling hexagons at the start, but then indeed went and stepped on an even number, causing Pickle to say 'The ODD path, the ODD path'. Yup, a nice, cryptic hint from Pickle there. Even after that, they spent what appeared to be ages directing January in front of the door. Oh well, the whole thing with Motley and Sidriss was pretty good, and we got some great Goblin action, too.

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Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2004 8:38 pm
by MoanaLiza
Johntea wrote:No 'moving' Treguard at the end though :-X
I missed this episode so I'm not one to really comment on it, but is this the ep that at the ending it had Treguard talking about if they'd like to watch the next episode and reading the scroll for when the next ep was going to be on (when it was on CITV)?

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Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2004 8:54 pm
by Billy
No, that's episode 14, I think. I'd like to see what Challenge do to that scroll, they could be boring and cut out the scene entirely, they could be clever and replace the details with 'Knightmare Monday-Saturday at 7.30 on Challenge', or they could be surprising and just leave it as it is. There might be a 'clean' version of that episode that has no scroll, but I wouldn't see the point of doing one, so it's unlikely.

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Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2004 9:33 pm
by Purgatory
lol i thought that we were going to see some winners.
mind you there quest was SO easy, didn't even get a level 2 causeway, and some how able to get past the witch without a shield spell like the other team ?

erm.. how did a dwarf tunnel get them onto the ship, and how did they get back into a tunnel? are they saying the ship had tunnels and a causeway on it?

Bit slow this ep, but had a couple of good moments,

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Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2004 6:19 pm
by Thanatos
I think this may well have been the first episode of Knightmare I ever saw, back when I was 6; January's arrival and introduction are the first Knightmare scene of which I have even the vaguest of pre-Challenge? memories.

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Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2004 12:59 am
by sibecg
Just watched this episode and have to say I loved the banter between Lord Fear and Tregaurd. January didnt know where to put herself.

I like this team. Its a shame they didnt last. The last team as someone else has already said just took to damn long on the causeway.

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Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2004 9:49 am
by darkDescender
Hello, and welcome to episode seven of "Breaking the Dungeon Rules"

First we have an innuendo-laden intro. on the timed causeway team dithered to death. Posthumous messages from adviser, I.E. "We're dead, Alan" Lord Fear interupts to argue with Treguard, but enough of this gay banter, let's welcome January. Fear blanches before leaving, and so let the anarchy begin. Place of choice first, and after some waffling from Treguard we choose the crown and begin. Through Dwarf Tunnels to Mini-Motters. Hmmm. On a side note, has anyone ever seen the kiddie's cookery program, 'Big Cook, Little Cook', featuring a tiny man in brightly cloured clothes with an annoying voice telling bad jokes? Anyway, back to the quest. Team took Motters with them instead of stomping on him as I would have. Motters is extra annoying during Beardovision. Into the clue glade where we make an appeal on behalf of Dungeoneers who cannot read. In the spyglass Hordriss threatens and Fear is wonderfully sarcastic and cutting. team took powder before a guest appearance from Fear the Handyman. Onto the timed causeway. Notice the Frightknight's sword rewinds slightly. Team get across despite going the wrong way and stepping on several wrong tiles as well as dithering far too much. Very silly indeed. after the interval we have Sidriss on Ice. January de-forests Sidriss before Goblins show and we run. Through the tunnels to escape in a boat. Sidriss says she will grant a wish so the team ask her to rebigulify Motters. Time out in a glade and finish with Treguard's usual rhyme. Rhyme ANGERS the Watchers. Rhyme at your peril.

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Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2008 5:22 pm
by Selphie
This episode wasn't a good one as far as causeways went! While I commented that the team were likely in losing status at the end of the last episode I wasn't ever expecting their appearance in this episode to be quite so brief! The "we're dead Alan" comment from one of the advisers was hilarious :D. They were a bright team but their struggles with directing were their downfall.

Causeway number two was a bit of a disaster too. I also feel a bit sorry for January reading 'defrost' incorrectly because that is forever going to haunt her.

I didn't really like the level 1 story, there was a bit too much going on with the Sidress and Motley banter so that the dungeoneer didn't really have much to say. I did laugh at Treguard's suggestion that they could abandon Motley and then take two objects!

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Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:36 am
by Canadanne
Johntea wrote:Now was it just me or are this team having a easy ride at the moment? They made a complete dogs dinner of the first causeway, stepping on at least one 'even' tile but let off (They were touching the first two tiles at the start!) - Which probably shows you could run across it and still make it across. Also Pickle was basically telling them what route to take.
Yep, and in addition to the timer kindly resetting while they dither at the start, for some reason it also runs in slow motion for this team. They could hardly have made it any easier for them and they still mess it up!

Sidriss says she'll tie up the boat, "if I can remember any knots". Perhaps she could use her KNOT spell? :P

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Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:50 am
by Drassil
This was the episode which, on CITV, was preceded by Victor and Hugo's crossover with Danger Mouse. As Tommy Boyd introduced the episode of Knightmare, he put a frightknight trophy on his desk next to his Mickey Mouse phone. Dear oh dear. We didn't get a victor in this episode of course, but we still got Hugo. I suppose the lesson is: if you're an Alan from St. Albans who wants to make progress through Level 3, don't waste time on Level 2...

Interesting how Paul Valentine appeared at both the start of January & co's quest, and the end. For those who weren't at last year's Knightmare Convention and didn't see Lords of the Game, the shrunken Motley subplot also formed part of the quest by Chad & co.

It's amusing to rewatch this episode in the knowledge (gained at the convention) that Iona Kennedy was trying not to break into song during her scenes with January.
Billy wrote:...and we got some great Goblin action, too.
This comment has given me a smirk or two. Thanks, Billy.

Lord Fear has gone from impersonating Hordriss/Harris to a dungeoneer in the previous episode to impersonating Hordriss to Hordriss in this episode. I like the sense that he grows badder and bolder as the series goes on.