Take One Thing (parody of Take On Me by A-ha)

Knightmare-related musical parodies
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Take One Thing (parody of Take On Me by A-ha)

Post by Drassil » Wed May 15, 2013 8:19 pm

This one is about the second quest. Based on Take On Me by A-ha. Lyrics and video

Maeve McEvoy
Her guides: a girl and two boys
The Helmet's not a toy
It's what you wear on your head to blind you
Quest underway
But it won't last very long if they

Take one thing
Take just one
They'll be gone
In a room or two

So, into a bind
But they can spell
Sesame. Soon they will find
"Slowly" won't do when chambers are mined
Say after me
"Don't forget that we'll be safe unless we

Take one thing
Take just one
We'll be gone
In Episode Two"

Oh the team didn't last
Although they got all three riddles from Granitas
They then met Lillith that cold September
Bad is her hair day
And a bad one for them, because they

Took the soap
Left the comb
They went home
In a day

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