Parody of Rocket Man by Elton John

Knightmare-related musical parodies
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Parody of Rocket Man by Elton John

Post by Drassil » Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:27 pm

If dungeeoners took after Elton John's Rocket Man. Music video

I wore my knapsack right
Quite tight
Zero hour: twenty to five
Will I meet with a caaat-acombite and thrive?
I miss my family, I miss my dog
It's lonely in this hat
Here comes the time out bell

And I hope it's going to be a longish time
'Til Treguard sends me home again to find
I'm not the kid they thought I was at school
Oh now I'm cool
'Cause I'm a dungeoneer
Got no proper loos, can't find a phone
[x 2]

Winteria's no place to send a kid
In fact it's cold as hell
But you get a cloak to have on if you're there
And chromakey I don't understand
It's just my world one day a week

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