• Parody of Living Doll by Cliff Richard
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Parody of Living Doll by Cliff Richard

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 2:50 pm
by Drassil
Lord Fear brags about his end-of-Series-7 scheme, to the tune of Living Doll by Cliff Richard (1959). Official audio, lyrics

Got myself a spying, gawking, dragon-stalking, leering Broll
Seems that he has got amnesia but knows he's a leering Broll
With a bit of graft he'll dig a shaft to Treguard like a mole
Got the one and only gawking, stalking, leering Broll


Take a look at the wall, he's there
And he will not leave for a while, just stare
Has a non-stop hunger for truth, a single tooth
He's worse than that talking key

Got myself the giant, hulking, staring, skulking king of trolls
Sometimes that he can count past three and that's why he's the king of trolls
Gonna send him into Knightmare Castle through a giant hole
Got the one and only hulking, skulking king of trolls


Take a look at his axe, it's huge
And he knows six words (they don't include 'stooge')
And in a mo he'll show his big face in Treguard's place
To give me my victory

Got myself a fallen, crushing, bad concussing king of trolls
Didn't think that he'd get hammered. Blast and damn that king of trolls
Got the smell of death and Lissard's breath: it's like a rotten shoal
And the sound of lonely, droning, moaning, leering Broll