• Looking back (and forwards)
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Looking back (and forwards)

Posted: Sun May 18, 2014 8:59 am
by Mystara
Looking back...

I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words that the staff and I have received regarding the Knightmare Convention. Many of you will be aware just how busy things have been in the preceding months and it's gratifying to know that so many of you had a good time.

Not that things are all over for us. We still have a fair amount of work still left to do (the DVD for example). But hopefully that's all more-or-less in hand now.

Looking forwards

I've also received a lot of emails regarding a next Knightmare Convention. We have done our best to keep this option open. However, there are a lot of IFs and BUTs to consider, not least of which is money. Furthermore, since the convention is and was always intended to be "for the fans", we want to make sure that we aren't just running another convention for the sake of it, but are running something that actually provides a new experience for people that attended this year.

Before we can consider any of that, we all want to take a step back so that we can look at things objectively.

I have also received numerous requests from people to staff a next convention...

My first priority will always be to select people that are active in the Knightmare Community. People that show up at the 11th hour are unlikely to be selected.