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by PunmiesterWhiteley
06 Nov 2005, 09:25
Forum: Bring Back Knightmare
Topic: BBK
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I think I signed the petition a few years ago. Do I have to sign it again?
by PunmiesterWhiteley
13 Nov 2004, 12:50
Forum: News Discussion
Topic: 10 years ago...
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Re:Ten Years Since Knightmare Ended

I can't believe it's been 10 years since KM ended :( Lord Fear mentions something about "Watch the clock Lissard. They barely have time to finish a quest". I thought this was odd as it was still October and KM usually ran until December. Little did I know that KM would finish on 11/11/94 a...
by PunmiesterWhiteley
08 Aug 2004, 09:57
Forum: Series 4
Topic: Series 4 Episode 3
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Re:Series 4 - Episode 3

While spellcasting couldn't one of the other advisors moved Helen away from the path of the sword?
by PunmiesterWhiteley
08 Aug 2004, 09:43
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Grrr!
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Re:What annoys/irretates you (KM wise)?

People who insist teams were "let off". Mellisandre irritates me full stop. That whiny voice gets on my nerves. The Door Monsters in S4. Having to listen to "Oh dear oh dear" every single quest is excruciating. Throw in the "true and false" bit and you have my least fav...
by PunmiesterWhiteley
01 Aug 2004, 09:14
Forum: Series 3
Topic: Series 3 - Episode 16
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Re:Series 3 - Episode 16

I just noticed that I posted to this thread 16/17 months ago :D.

Is this the last time Series 3 airs on Challenge? I seem to recall they had the rights to show each episode of S3 10 times and it must be getting close to that now.
by PunmiesterWhiteley
20 Jun 2004, 09:37
Forum: Series 2
Topic: Series 2 - Episode 2
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Re:Series 2 - Episode 2

Girl's team - Lillith gave them "a little spell" but didn't explicitly tell them what it was called. And that is only level 1! Level 3's difficulty must be sky high.

With 2 deaths in roughly 1 and a half episodes the pace of the show is prety quick.
by PunmiesterWhiteley
02 May 2004, 10:19
Forum: Series 6
Topic: Series 6 Episode 13
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Re:Series 6 Episode 13

The diploma would have given part of the Causeway Code needed to cross it. They should have just gambled on which stone to step on. After all they have a 50/50 chance each time of picking the right one. And their chance of survival would go to 100% if they worked out the combination.
by PunmiesterWhiteley
24 Apr 2004, 11:24
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: :o Who's related to whom and other conspiracies!
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Coming to think of it Sidriss looks a bit like Maldame too. :D
by PunmiesterWhiteley
24 Apr 2004, 11:18
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Knightmare Racist
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Re:Knightmare Racist

And I suppose McGrew was a racist characterization of the good people of Scotland? Get real.

by PunmiesterWhiteley
20 Dec 2003, 07:43
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Questions, Questions
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Re: Questions, Questions

Thanks for the answers.

I meant an age limit on the team members.  Some of them seem older than others.
by PunmiesterWhiteley
14 Dec 2003, 13:09
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Questions, Questions
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Questions, Questions

1 What was the name of the lady that the third team in S5 bought some flowers from?

2 Was there an age limit for KM?

3 Can the advisors see their dungeoneer's Life Force or is that added in later?

Those have been puzzling me and I would be grateful if the posters on here can help.
by PunmiesterWhiteley
14 Dec 2003, 13:01
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Characters that sucked in knightmare
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Re: Characters that sucked in knightmare

Mistress Goody for sure.  A lousy ripoff of a lovable original.  

The Door Monsters bored me to death.  
by PunmiesterWhiteley
30 Nov 2003, 13:53
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: What is your earliest memory Of KM?
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Re: What is your earliest memory Of KM?

I can remember the quest where they freed the maid.  What one was that?

And the bomb rooms/Lillith/Wheel of fortune as well.
by PunmiesterWhiteley
22 Nov 2003, 13:23
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Later series being easier - what is the cause?
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Re: Later series being easier - what is the cause?

Is it not amazing how one's fame precedes one (as Hordriss might say ;).  Sorry to disappoint any fans, but Countdown stories will be limited to my website.   Hooray! And S5 is littered with dungeoneers getting away with things that should have resulted in death.   Carrying Poison instead of Gwen's...
by PunmiesterWhiteley
22 Nov 2003, 07:19
Forum: Series 5
Topic: Series 5 Episode 14
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Re: Series 5 Episode 14 (Wed. 19th)

Shouldn't they have asked Julius what the spells do before buying one? This team were screwed and screwed up in equal doses. 1: No clue what objects to take.  It was an equal chance that either the feather or Motley's stick would be the right one.  Success would be down to a complete guess which is ...