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Characters you wish they had played

Posted: 02 Dec 2014, 18:02
by Canadanne
Imagine that the various Knightmare actors had each played an additional role in the show. What sort of characters do you think they would have been good at?

In particular:

- Which KM actors would you have liked to see as a powerful evil character?

- Of the actors who only played baddies or neutrals, which ones can you imagine as a friendly character?

Personally, for the villains I can picture Edmund Dehn as a sneering Lord Fear type, and Joanne Heywood as some kind of wicked sorceress. I would probably pick Edmund for the friendly character too - he does that serene wisdom thing very well, so he could have been a good monk or something.

Re: Characters you wish they had played

Posted: 04 Dec 2014, 10:35
by HStorm
I think Cliff Barry would have done a useful job playing an ambiguous/neutral figure. He made Lissard very sinister and even mysterious, and I sometimes think that was kind of wasted, because, hey, he's Lord Fear's seneschal, it's pretty easy to figure out whose side he'll be on. When he played Brother Strange, he was playing an eccentric goodie, and Raptor wasn't much of a character at all. He would have been great playing a lone agent with no apparent loyalty to either side, and who either side might be able to do a deal with.

Re: Characters you wish they had played

Posted: 04 Dec 2014, 18:38
by Mashibinbin
I'd have liked to see Hugo play someone within the dungeon as well. It would mostly not be feasible without him telling Pickle, Majida or simply the advisor's that he'd had a dodgy clue room pineapple and required an urgent phase shift. As he played all allegiances through the series' run he'd have been just at much home being good, bad or neutral.

Re: Characters you wish they had played

Posted: 06 Dec 2014, 22:11
by Canadanne
It would have been good to see Audrey Jenkinson play a more aggressive character - perhaps Gibbet's equally narky sister. ;D

Re: Characters you wish they had played

Posted: 07 Dec 2014, 20:30
by Skarkill
I'd have liked to have seen what Stephanie Hesp could have done with a role that was an out and out dungeon villain as apposed to the more 'of the grey' characters she played (Mind I'd have just liked to have seen more of Stephanie. ;) ;D )

Ditto for Clifford Norgate I'd have liked to have seen him get a villainous role that was more then just a roaming password guard as The Dreadnought was.

The already mentioned Joanna Heywood as a villain and Edmund Dehn as a good guy also rank high on my list.

and on a similar vain to Mashibinbin I'd have liked to have seen what Jackie Sarwiss could have done with an in Dungeon role either PTB aligned or servent of The Opposition

Re: Characters you wish they had played

Posted: 30 Dec 2018, 03:02
by Bumptious
I was actually thinking about something similar a few days ago. I was mulling over who could have played some characters from the Knightmare books.

I felt the baddie from the very first book, the Gruagach, would have been a fine addition to the show. I recall he was described as having sharp features, so I reckon Lawrence Werber would have been a good fit. He could have used the drawling voice he used for the Dragon, but with a hint of Cedric thrown in.

I've always thought that the evil elf king, Arawn, would have been an excellent alternative villain. Given that the second book coincided with series three, I initially thought of Tom Karol. However, I think Paul Valentine would have been perfect in the role . Plus, it would have been interesting to see Paul play a straight baddie.