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Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 05 Nov 2003, 21:32
by Lord_Bob
No1 started a proper topic for this ep and seeing as the team in progress is the best of the season then it seems a shame. Opinions etc.
  I thought Ben and his advisors make a cracking job of it, they are quick and desisive and the horn and the book were the correct items to take. The winteria version of lvl 3 is better than Sarah's version of lvl3. Still i look forward to the rest of this quest

Re: Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 05 Nov 2003, 21:44
by Velda
They're a really good team :)  They're not slow and each advisor takes turn to direct Ben - the way it should be, not one member taking over as in the last quest.  I like the variety in this quest and the dialogue in today's episode was some of the best so far, I laughed quite a lot!  ;D  They do panic a bit now and then but this just adds to the tension.  And I remembered that the episode ended in the Winteria clue 'room' from all these years ago!

Re: Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 05 Nov 2003, 22:14
by GrimaldineGrimwold
I have to say, I don't think what they've had so far is extremely challenging, but they are a good team. I'd have liked to have seen them take on some more difficult things in the Levels 1 and 2 of other series, because they do take the game seriously, and really play it rather than sitting back and letting it unfold. Trying to get the characters to help work out uses for clue objects is great. I would like to see more teams do that sort of thing, instead of just blandly asking "Have you got any information?"

The scene with Gwendoline and Sly is quite nice, though the best line by far as far as I'm concerned is Sly's response to the female deer question. Gwendoline threatening to shoot arrows at Sir Hugh so there'll be so many feathers sticking out of him people will think he's a chicken was a nice line too. Her arrows fired at Skarkill were pretty well animated too- better than some people's projectiles, not mentioning any names Velda!

I do like Winteria as an environment, too.

Sadly I do still feel Series 5 rather plods along with all the Eye Shield bits.

Re: Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 05 Nov 2003, 23:05
by lordfearisafox
This team is so cute - they are dead into the whole experience (totally understand, kid in a sweet shop or what?) You can tell by the way they describe every minute detail which is viewed by the eyeshield. I wonder where they are now? Can't remember his name but did anyone else find the way one of the boys did the spellcasting really amusing? It's like, I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do this like it's the most important thing in my life so far. Magic!

Gwen was great tonight as usual, loving the bit where Sir Hugh whisked her off!  ;D He makes me laugh.

Nice touch with the wee cape/cloak thing Ben was sporting in Winteria.

The superb Mark Knight was on form as usual with Lord Fear also. Read an interview with him a bit ago, he talked about playing LF with a haughty, upper class 'tude and you could really see that tonight! Class actor.

Re: Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 06 Nov 2003, 00:46
by MoanaLiza
Have you seen this: if not take a look ;)

Re: Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 06 Nov 2003, 02:13
by lordfearisafox
Lovin it, lovin it, lovin it!
That was SO top!
Thanks loads. And to think that's how they put together my childhood dreams!
What a sweet bunch to make up those lovely slides!

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Cant wait til Fri. Do you know what day we are likely to see them win?

Re: Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 06 Nov 2003, 10:22
by DerbyGem
The bit that made me smile in this episode was when Lord Fear was talking to Aesandre(?) and after asking her to stop the dungeoneer, he says "and I'll show my appreciation in the usual manner"!!

The mind boggles!!  :o ;)

Re: Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 06 Nov 2003, 22:46
by lordfearisafox
i was going to mention that as one of my favourite bits but i thought nah, don't want to antagonise people further with my gratuitous use of LF adoration. ::sigh::
he was on a roll last night actually, first gwen, then aesandre...and to think it was all so innocent to me when i was a wee thing. Actually that's a lie - it was never innocent, it scared the s*** out of me  :(

Re: Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 07 Nov 2003, 00:28
by Purgatory
the horn being the right object of cause was a fix.

i hate having level 3 outside... its to.. 'fluffy'
And how on earth did the lift do that?   it went down.. taking the team from woods to snow?    is there a underground world of snow that we didn't now about?
terrible episode really stupid. also fair to easy.

Re: Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 07 Nov 2003, 10:02
by Lord_Bob
The horn being right object isnt a fix. Just because it was wrong for one team doesnt mean it was for them. Remember the team that got it wrong had a hint about needing a bribe. The gold for Ben was probably fake.
 I do agree about easy puzzles though but it was good episode. The descendor was a little bit sily with the forest but I can let that slide. Good acting from Gwen, LF, sir Hugh and the Sly Hands fake dungeoneer part was really funny

Re:Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 03 Sep 2004, 19:56
by Tom41
Resumed from time-out with Sylvester Hands harassing the dungeoneer. Gwendolin rushed in, and Sylvester Hands put a Helmet of Justice on his head to try and fool Gwendolin! Gwendolin set a few questions to prove who was the real dungeoneer - but with Sly giving thick answers as usual, it wasn't too difficult for Ben!

Gwendolin accompanied Ben through the next eye-shield sequence. Unusually, Gwendolin spoke to the dungeoneer during this sequence - and gave them the password for the level "Morning Star".
Arrived in a clearing where Sir Hugh de Witless rode in again. After a lot of discussion and argument between Gwendolin and Hugh, he picked up Gwendolin and 'rescued' her by taking her away! This left Ben to get out of the clearing through a portal in the background.

Through another eye-shield sequence (in which you saw a farm with a crowing rooster!) into an inn. There were some items on a table there - a spy-glass and some food. Spied on Lord Fear, and learned that Skarkill was after Gwendolin - and also that their main priority was the adventurer (dungeoneer)!
Brother Mace came in straight after he put the spy-glass down, and Ben offered him the book. After a LOT of discussion to 'prove his identity', they decided to give mace the book and gained some information. The way to Level 3 is via the Descender, and also that the gate is guarded by goblins. Just as Ben was about to leave, Mace remembered something else - and gifted them a SESAME spell.

Arrived in a field with a castle in the distance. Treguard mentioned that this was the 'last dungeon in level 2' but they had to cross a lot of open ground to get there. A goblin horn sounded, so they decided to make the dungeoneer run for it! Through another eye-shield sequence into a rock-paper-scissors causeway. Navigated it very well, but almost fell off it near the end!

Next room they got some food, and another Blocker came forward. They gave it the password they got from Gwendolin, and it went away allowing them access to the next area. Arrived in a castle room with a big metal door in front of them. Skarkill appeared and tried to put the irons on Ben. Notice that they begin to tell Ben to say that the horn proves he's one of Skarkill's men, but instead they decide to blow the horn. Gwendolin came to the rescue, shooting some arrows at Skarkill, causing him to run away. The door also opened at the sound of the horn. As they went into the Descender, Gwendolin told them that it was winter in Level 3.

In the Descender, they shouted 'down' to start it, then the team looked through the windows. When they saw a winter landscape they told Ben to shout 'stop' and it stopped in front of one door. The door had a FrightKnight symbol over it - but Treguard says that all doors to Level 3 have FrightKnights over them. The door wouldn't open, so they had to use the SESAME spell they got from Mace to unlock it.

Arrived in a winter landscape, the land of Winteria. Found some clues on a rock in the middle of a snow-covered field. They read the scroll, and it said "Give a dog a bone". In Series 3, that would imply Mrs Grimwold and Festus, but I don't see what it has to do in this series. Then looked through the spy-glass and saw Lord Fear talking to Aisandre, and making a pact to dispose of the dungeoneer. The team are really on the ball when it comes to putting the spy-glass down. They dropped it as soon as LF began talking about his detection devices! Then timed out as soon as they stopped spying.

Knice winter scene (with birds flying away) under the credits.

Re:Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 03 Sep 2004, 20:15
by Eli
Once the team was frozen at the end of the episode, did anyone else notice that the advisor on the left of the bench was cut out? Haven't seen that before.

As for Lord Fear's comment "I'll show my appreciation in my usual manner", one can only assume he means sending a bunch of flowers and a box of Milk Tray ;)

Re:Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 04 Sep 2004, 06:11
by Billy
DARN! Why did I have to miss the one episode that DOESN'T get a 7.30am repeat? Oh well, erm, (looks at other recaps) Yes, team are doing quite well, Winteria looks nice, great moment when Sly disguised himself as a dungeoneer, I somehow thought the voice belonged to Gwendoline. I'll have to wait until Monday to see where this episode left off...oh, wait! Surely with the altered weekend times, episodes 9 and 10 are on in less than 2 hours time! That means I'm gonna have to remember what happened in 2 episodes while I'm typing these things...

Re:Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 04 Sep 2004, 11:28
by darkDescender
As a tribute to the inimitable greatness that is Hordriss, I will proceed to give my progress report in the style of that greatly undervalued Mage. Ahem. Spellcasting! P.O.M.P.O.U.S.T.W.I.T.
Things resumed quite nicely with Sylvester Hands trying to trick the warden with a second helmet. One admits to being most amused by his skylarkings. Continued through to the forest where Sir Hugh rode in and 'rescued' the warden. Next room, spyglass scene followed by an appearance from Monk Mace. The team earned several clues and a SESAME spell. Across a causeway and past the blocker into the Descender room. When accosted by the Goblin Master the dungeoneer blew the horn to summon the warden and remove the Goblin Master from the scene. Down in the Descender into Winteria and another spyglass sequence before time out. On a side not One admits Challenge! have slightly redeemed themselves in One's eyes as the weekend double feature is repeated at 1.30 A.M. However, One still finds the announcers to be slightly suspect. One does not remember asking for Fort Boyard. And now One is off to prepare for tonight's late-night double feature dungeon show.

Re:Series 5 Episode 8

Posted: 05 Sep 2004, 16:16
by HarveyTowers
Sly Hands voice is about right now.

Loads of characters this ep, with Sly, Gwendoline, Sir Hugh, Lord Fear, Skarkill, Brother Mace and Aesandre all put in appearances.

Also, they don't know much about dungeoneers. Gwendoline thinks they have to go through a selection process, Mace doesn't think they can read.

It's always winter in Winteria, always winter and never Christmas!

EDIT: There's also a nice snow scene below the credits