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Knightmare movie?

Posted: 23 Jun 2015, 11:51
by avenueroad
I suggest a movie or drama based on Knightmare, based on Team 2 of Series 8. This is because I believe the chances of a new series would be better than just the Geek Week episode. It would feature a team of boys from London applying to be on the show, arriving at the auditions, arriving at Anglia Television Studios and the show being made. I am also suggesting a Knightmare fan coming across a watch in a jewellers that is a time machine, which he intends to go back to the year 1994 to try and change history by attempting to reverse the outcome of the Corridor Of Blades so that the team would survive the obstacle and therefore face the Bhal-Shebah in the quest room and then their SAVANT escape. I have now accepted that the team would have had to incite Bhal-Shebah to argue with itself; I originally disregarded the Bhal-Shebah being in the quest room because I thought that the team wouldn't stand a chance against the dragon. :idea:

Re: Knightmare movie?

Posted: 28 Jun 2015, 15:43
by Fidjit
Well I'm all up for any suggestions in getting the show recognised and seen by others, but there could very well be another way this can be done. Or maybe with a few open suggestions where a fan based film can be produced.