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Re: Guardian article

Post by SpectralScorpion » Fri Apr 19, 2013 5:29 pm

Mystara wrote:I have no idea.

Ben and his sister both acted as runners in (at least) series 8. I would have placed them in at least their late teens at the time. So I'd guess Ben was the right age.

Reasons I think not:
- I suspect that simply assigning the role to your son would break all kinds of acting union rules.
- The opening sequence obviously involves some tricky element of choreography - potentially without sight if the helmet is real rather than a CGI affectation. It's quite possible that this would involve an element of experience and expertise and that an actor would be needed.
- Opening sequences and theme music usually aren't done in-house. I'm not sure Tim would be in a position to contract out such a job and insist that his son was used.

- The role is uncredited, so using your son might not break acting union rules.
- Given the nature of the opening sequence, this sequence really might have been done in-house.
To add to the 'not done in-house' argument, the CG used in the opening sequence seems to be a bit more advanced than what was used in Knightmare's gameplay, which could mean outside production. Could be wrong, though. *shrugs*
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Re: Guardian article & Ben Child

Post by Drassil » Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:34 pm

Canadanne wrote:
Drassil wrote:
Mystara wrote:Incidentally, Ben Child is Tim Child's son.
Do we know whether or not he's the boy in the Series 6-8 opening sequence, as Illusion/Nic once suggested he was?
Try asking him on Twitter maybe? @BenChildFilm - would be interesting to find out!
Chris asked him but didn't appear to get a reply.

I noticed that Ben Child is tagged in at least one of EPIC Norwich's Facebook photos of the new Knightmare filming.

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Re: Guardian article

Post by HobGoblin » Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:57 pm

Drassil wrote:
Chris asked him but didn't appear to get a reply
No, but it doesn't seem like he's a very active tweeter, so probably not the best way of asking.

Should have asked our man on the inside to find out yesterday!
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