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Re: Knightmare clips on CITV's YouTube channel

Posted: 05 Sep 2015, 00:03
by EvelynMason
I was viewing some old Knightmare clips on Youtube very recently and found a lot of them were represented by the CITV channel. I only watch the little bitesize ones of a few minutes instead of whole episodes so what was put on was well appreciated.

It did feel strange watching clips from the the later series as haven't watched a full episode from this period for so long I can't remember. (Challenge only ever seem to feature series 1 and 2)

Thank you for the above links provided, should be some action there I've yet to witness. I know there is a section here for it, but ideally would like to own a DVD collection of the series instead of being dependant of what the internet can offer. Last I read I don't think such a thing exists. :(