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A Romance Novel

Posted: 10 Jan 2021, 20:53
by Fidjit
Yes, you read that correctly - "A Romance Novel", Fidjit is writing such a book. You may very well be wondering why I would be posting this in a Knightmare Discussion Forum? Well, I'll explain...

As some of you may well be aware, I not only do digital art as a sort of hobby but I also do a little writing on the side. I've most certainly improved my vocabulary skills since I was but sixteen years of age when I first joined up here, and now I am nearly thirty-four! Good lord! In any case, I decided back in the summer of last year that I was going to write a book, I wasn't quite sure what that book would be about but a book I would indeed write.

It is a romance novel which I have entitled "Sweethearts", the prologue itself starts off in the year 1980 and the actual story begins in the year 1992, twelve years later. The tale involves two main characters, Lily Taylor; a vixen, and Sviatoslav Vulpula; a "vulpire" (a family of once-cursed vampire foxes who have since been freed and now live as a completely new and unique species. Whilst they are completely harmless, are in complete control of their sense and reasoning, no longer shun the light of day, nor consume blood they still retain their physical vampire attributes and some magical properties given their ties to the dark power) I've taken the liberty of including a link to my novels proposed book cover so I don't give away too much: ... 18370?s=20

But in any case, I plan to include some Knightmare references in somehow, discreetly of course :) If this does well and a sequel is on the cards, I plan to have a scene where Sviatoslav finds a little spell left by his late-father whilst searching through his artifacts which is essentially the ANVIL spell. In a scene where he is locked up by his paws in a dungeon-style cell a pair of goons come by to cause him all kinds of misery, but a smiling Sviatoslav tells them to look up and an anvil clonks them both over the head enabling him to escape. It is a crazy idea but I would like to incorporate some little elements into this book wherever I can :)