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Season 5 champions recollections

Posted: 09 Feb 2021, 22:04
by HStorm ... ckton.html

This is a really minor quibble, but for the sake of accuracy, I have a completely unimportant correction here; the top photo has a caption saying, "The boys leave Exeter station." The correct name is "Exeter St. David's Station." (There is no railway station just called 'Exeter'.)

I probably wouldn't mention it, except I lived about 100 metres from that station when I was a kid, and I even recognise the platform they're standing on, so...

Re: Season 5 champions recollections

Posted: 26 Feb 2021, 09:22
by Morghanna
I also lived in that part of Exeter for about 18 months and i always assumed that the station woz actually named "Exeterstdavid'sallchangeplease!" ;)

Re: Season 5 champions recollections

Posted: 26 Feb 2021, 17:53
by HStorm
Interestingly, when I was a kid, my Dad kept telling me a local folk myth that St. David's and Exeter Central Stations during the 19th Century refused to let traffic travel between them, due to a personal rivalry between the two owners. Therefore, for a while, I thought another name for St. David's Station was, "NOT Exeter Central."

Mind you, I later discovered that my Dad didn't know what he was talking about, and that there was no such "mutual blockade" after all. (He was from London, he knew nothing about the West Country really.) But it is a popular myth round there.

I lived on Haldon Road, at the top of St. David's Hill. Where did you live?

Re: Season 5 champions recollections

Posted: 17 Mar 2021, 19:19
by Morghanna
I lived in Birks Hall (several ugly concrete blocks) off the New North Road for the best part of two years.
Still have a great fondness for the city of Exeter and it's nice that one of Knightmare's classic teams were from the city.