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I watched El Rescate Del Talisman

Posted: 30 Sep 2015, 00:26
by lordunsany

So you're restlessly looking for a guy who watched the damn program back in the nineties... It seems that's why I'm here: I'm Spanish and I was a devoted minion of this curious "roleplaying show" when I was a child. What do you wanna know, exactly? Did ever happen to be a success show? Definitely it was! Let's try to picture a bunch of boys and girls staring at the TV while they're eating Nutella sandwiches. Now the whole thing is forgotten? (among other TV shows) Sure it is, but let me to insist: it was a mythical spectacle back then.

Look, I adore the show, even now I shed some tears watching it. The intro rhythm, the amazing magician incarnated by a famous Spanish actor (, the pulp fantasy scenarios, the funny retro look of the lads. I mean, everything.

Does it look boring and aged nowadays? Well yeah, it's been more than twenty years, chaps... :)

Nice website, by the way.

Re: I watched El Rescate Del Talisman

Posted: 01 Oct 2015, 23:10
by Canadanne
Welcome, lordunsany - great to hear from a fan of the Spanish version! Can you tell us anything you remember about the characters in the show?

Re: I watched El Rescate Del Talisman

Posted: 09 Oct 2015, 23:07
by lordunsany
I appreciate the warm welcome, Canadanne. The naked truth is I began to remember some weeks ago, when I watched amazed a couple of shows uploaded by fans in Youtube. Characters? Mmm... Few things, actually. Yeah: the maiden, magician, the king, the cook, the skeleton, the death guy, et cetera.

Do you want me to translate something in particular? I mean, I've noticed that some of you have been trying to decrypt the intros and the dialogues. Sure, they probably spoke very fast ;) and sometimes the whole thing was messy, particularly when the "guides" I mean, the young fellows giving orders tyrannically ;D went mad. I have to go into detail on Knightmare, given the fact that I didn't even know that my "Rescate" was a spin-off :green:

Re: I watched El Rescate Del Talisman

Posted: 10 Oct 2015, 17:19
by Canadanne
Well, I don't really speak the language at all, so it's hard for me to follow any of the dialogue - I wish it had subtitles! Anything you'd be willing to translate from the videos would be great, especially the questions/riddles they have to answer. I was very confused by the episode from the second series, which is available at the bottom of this page - why do they give all their objects to the frog guy?

Re: I watched El Rescate Del Talisman

Posted: 11 Oct 2015, 15:26
by lordunsany
Hiya, Canadanne!

Look, it's difficult even for me, considering the low quality of the video... It's like a slow and nasty torture watching it till the end, you know. Where did you get the videos, by the way? Well, as I further understood the froggy man expected to receive the items in order to allow the pass by "haciendo un conjuro", i. e. performing a spell; which items are those? "1. Ánfora (amphora), 2. "Careta" (mask) "Especias de la india" (Indian spices); 3. "Tejido de Penélope" (Penelope's cloth); 4. "Red de pescador" (Fisher's net). During the performance, the froggy guy provides a sort of riddle based on the first letter of every item the lad gave it to him, so we got the following "spell": A ("ánfora"), C ("careta"), E ("especias de la India"), T ("tejido de Penélope"), R ("red de pescar"). According to the green freak, the correct spelling was "TRCEA", so our heroe will be able to shout the acronym to the guy in dark suit in the end, so they'll win the computers :D .

It's damn good! :P

A couple of facts:

The showman, I mean, the fat fuy gifted by that enormous voice who introduces the show is "Ricardo Palacios", another Spanish actor:

I submitted a comment in "Radio Televisión Española" (the all-mighty Spanish Television), asking them to release the rest of the Rescate's programs from their forgotten and well-guarded "Archivo" (Archive): ... 5188.shtml

I ask you to do the same!

Warm regards!

Re: I watched El Rescate Del Talisman

Posted: 13 Oct 2015, 17:19
by Canadanne
Ahh, thanks for explaining that! I wondered where they found out the magic word they needed to use. Is Penelope the maiden they met earlier?

Not sure where that video came from... I guess someone sent it to Illusion, who was the original owner of the website.

Awww, I didn't know Ricardo Palacios died in February this year! And the host from the third series, Ismael Abellán, died in 2008. :(

Re: I watched El Rescate Del Talisman

Posted: 18 Oct 2015, 20:38
by lordunsany
Hiya! Apologize for not answering before. Well, if you meant the -apparently- pretty gal who gave the boy the Fisher's net ("La red del pescador"), then no she wasn't, but she actually talked to him about Homer's Odyssey ("Odisea") beside further remarks on literature. By the way, the "Penelope's cloth" was provided by the witch, hehehe.

Look, I'm frankly astonished by the script, plus the... let's say "intellectual perfume" of the show. I don't even know that a performance such as this can be delivered to the average teenager nowadays.

It's a pity that you can't possibly understand Ricardos's jokes. He's so funny, man! ;D Yep, it was also sad for me to know he recently passed, along with other well-known personalities from my "eighties past". Pure nostalgia. :'(

Re: I watched El Rescate Del Talisman

Posted: 19 Oct 2015, 17:08
by Canadanne
Oh, I knew her question was something about ancient Greece but I didn't catch the rest! Thank you, this is all very helpful. :)

I do get the sense that I'm missing a lot when Ricardo is talking!! Was there an explanation for why each series was hosted by a different character?

Re: I watched El Rescate Del Talisman

Posted: 22 Oct 2015, 15:25
by lordunsany
Hi, Canadanne! Not a clue, to be honest, so I did my research in Google... and still nothing ;D (I've visited about twenty blogs plus some minor references here and there). I'm not sure it was due to some problems with showmen's agenda or anything else, like the guys in charge trying to refresh the whole thing. If I tell you the truth, Mr. MacGregor was a bit... dull, despite having a great diction and presence, but well, just a thought.

Furthermore, I have the feeling that you can't compare our hosts with Mr. Myatt. I've watched some Knightmare shows... and well, he's such a character! Knightmare seems to be an institution in the UK, at least among the thirty-somethings. As I further know, your show was terribly difficult and strong roleplay-oriented, while ours was slightly rhetoric and quite easy. :D

I've submitted your question to the Spanish Heroquest forum (I'm olosta): ... icseen#new There're many good lads there who also watched and remember the show with real nostalgia.