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Posted: 03 Feb 2003, 23:22
by Gerz
Has anyone played the NES Game Shadowgate? It is really simular to Knightmare on many levels.

Firstly it is set in a Knightmare style Castle, with all kind of scary creatures.

The puzzles are also simular to Knightmare, yuou got to pick up objects and use them (you can carry as much as you like)

There are also many traps that you can fall into too.

The game also features a simular life force type thing as in Knightmare, only instead of food, you need to keep your touch lit, and if that goes out you will die,  you have to collect more touches to stay alive, also if you make one mistake, it could kill you (just like on the earlier version of Knightmare)

Shadowgate is a highly enjoyable game!  ;D

Re: Shadowgate

Posted: 04 Feb 2003, 02:21
by Myatt
Yes, I used to have this game for the Atari ST but I did'nt get very far at all, must have only made it 3 rooms through but I was quite young. It took me ages to get through the door at the very start!

Re: Shadowgate

Posted: 04 Feb 2003, 20:00
by Gerz
I complete the game, recently ( I Dug it out as Knightmare inspired me to go all nosiglic)

Its dead tough!

Re: Shadowgate

Posted: 04 Feb 2003, 22:38
by lewis_martin
Sounds like some copying of ideas, could break copyright rules.

Re: Shadowgate

Posted: 04 Feb 2003, 22:42
by GranitArse2003
I agree that sounds like first degree copywrite fraud to me Geust_user.

Re: Shadowgate

Posted: 05 Feb 2003, 13:46
by Gerz
::) Well it was made in the USA roughly the same time as Knightmare, so I doubt they copied each other.

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Posted: 07 Feb 2003, 19:41
by DavidNewton
I've never played the original, but I tried to get through Shadowgate Classic on the Gameboy - it was enjoyable but at the same time one of the most awkward games I've ever played (had to resort to an FAQ every five minutes to get past it. But then maybe I'm just thick.) Hundreds of instant deaths as well. It reminded me of a Fighting Fantasy gamebook, really.