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Knightmare on DVD - any news?

Posted: 04 Sep 2004, 07:40
by DJFairborne77
Just thought I'd ask if anyone out there, has any news on the release of "Knightmare" on DVD? It's almost exactly 10 years ago since the show left our screens for good, which was a real shame as it was a great show! Like many people, I have really enjoyed watching the recent re-runs on Challenge, but sometimes I've missed recording some of the episodes, plus they never look as good recorded onto VHS as they do broadcast on Challenge/Sky etc. However, myself and many others would love to be able to buy "Knightmare" on DVD. So, is a DVD going to happen? Because there were 8 series of "Knightmare", why don't they release them like the "Red Dwarf" DVD's - a series at a time? Then that would be ideal, as it would be a good way to get them as it wouldn't be too expensive for everyone. Maybe release 1 series every 3 - 4 months or so and that would give people time to save up and get them all. So, you could buy Series 1 and then have 4 months to save up the money for Series 2 etc. I am not sure on the capacity of DVD's, but of course for most series where there are 15/16 episodes etc, then it'd would probably have to be a double-disc set for the episodes, with maybe a 3rd disc for any extras, but that would be ok & worth paying out for. They could do something like this:

Disc 1: Episodes 1 - 8
Disc 2: Episodes 9 - 16
Disc 3: Extras - Anything like "Behind The Scenes" & "Making Of...", CITV Links/Trailers/Adverts for the tie-in books etc & appearances of the KM cast on CITV/Competitions (such as the computer one that ran in conjunction with Series 3, which is why one episode has random letters on the walls in it etc) and anything thing else of interest, plus maybe a Tim Child commentary or something, DVD-ROM stuff like weblinks to this site and also the "Knightmare" game from '87 by Activision.

Anyway, it'd be great to have "Knightmare" on DVD wouldn't it? A price of say something between £14.99 - £19.99 for a series would be a reasonable price I think. Also, it would be fabulous to have "Knightmare" without any annoying advert breaks and on-screen logo's such as "Bruce's Price Is Right" is next!" etc.

Re:Knightmare on DVD - any news?

Posted: 04 Sep 2004, 18:15
by MoanaLiza
DJ Fairborne wrote:Also, it would be fabulous to have "Knightmare" without any annoying advert breaks and on-screen logo's such as "Bruce's Price Is Right" is next!" etc.
Or any stupid comments from announcers. Anyway as far as I know there hasn't been any knews on the dvd/vhs front as there hasn't been anything mentioned here nor on the main site. Any knews would've and will be posted here and on the main site. I think that Knightmare VR needs to be commisioned first and to do well before a dvd will probably be popular. I believe that if the VR does do well then interests in a dvd set release from companies such as Granada Media will be a lot higher then at the moment. Also I don't think that Knightmare on Challenge has been doing so well the past few months, hence the move from weekdays to weekends.

Re:Knightmare on DVD - any news?

Posted: 24 Nov 2004, 14:32
by Fidjit
Somebody did an illegal attempt on Ebay a few days ago, attempting to sell illegal copies which went for £16, I'm not sure whether TC has heard about it, but don't try it yourself...

A DVD is every Knightmare Fans Dream at present, its the latest, and it would be good to have a good introduction to the menu like they did with Red Dwarf... See the horse and rider for a brief couple of seconds then it switches to VR going into Castle Dunshelm and coming to a rest in the anti-chamber. With highlighted objects as captions...

Keep you're eyes open on this forum and its the best places for recent Knightmare knews! :)

Re:Knightmare on DVD - any news?

Posted: 25 Nov 2004, 07:57
by jaydrive
Just on a note - an old old old game called "Dragon's Lair" has been released on DVD for less than £10.

Basically you guide Dirk the Daring through the castle dungeon and try and rescue the princess. Every few seconds you need to select an option. Don't bother and you'll automatically fail that room. Get the sequence of moves right and move onto the next dungeon.

Yes, i'm telling you, this game plays on any standard DVD Player, you do not need a computer!

Could be the closest you'd get to Knightmare on DVD. Have a look for it on, it's great little game.

Re:Knightmare on DVD - any news?

Posted: 09 Feb 2005, 13:44
by TheIronMaiden
DJ Fairborne wrote:plus maybe a Tim Child commentary or something
Heheh, that just made me think...running commentary of the series, just like on the Red Dwarf DVDs! Oh god, I'm sure we could imagine some classic moments...

I thought I caught a rumour somewhere on the website that all 8 series' were going to be released together on one DVD? Either way, a series-by-series run like Red Dwarf would be class.

Re:Knightmare on DVD - any news?

Posted: 26 Feb 2005, 02:04
by NYGuy322
Have there ever been petitions in the past to get the show on DVD?

From my understanding, quite a few times petitions for some shows have gotten them on DVD.

Re:Knightmare on DVD - any news?

Posted: 26 Feb 2005, 16:20
by Malefact
There have been a few petitions, yes, although this died down quite a lot when Challenge? bought the rights to show Km.

Re:Knightmare on DVD - any news?

Posted: 26 Feb 2005, 18:13
by NYGuy322
we'll just have to see what happens when another petition starts up I guess.

Re:Knightmare on DVD - any news?

Posted: 28 Apr 2005, 11:35
by TuragaNuju
Idea for the Menu - Start off walking into a door, teleport to corridor of death, dodge a few blades, teleport again into a Wall Puzzle room. Walks over to table where options are
Episode select could be where the wall's face is


Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 16:33
by Lordnikon99
I know I'm a newbie to this but have been long logging onto this site and forum before registering. [actually registered ages ago but haven't posted]

errm.... I hate to say this, but as much as I'd like it to see Knightmare come out on DVD and it would be fab to have all the episodes and special features..... but don't you think if they were gonna do it they'd have done it by now???? I mean, they've had polls presented to them with thousands of signatures supporting the release and still nothing.....

In my opinion if they were gonna release it they would have done it by now... its ashame really and maybe I'm just being pessimistic... buts thats the way I see it....


Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 21:51
by TuragaNuju
When you get beaten down, do we just stay down?

No. There is always another ready to take up the gauntlet (Or The Helmet...). People Need Heros, But Above This Courage, Determination, And Will. Be Vigilant.

*Comes out of psyco-crazy-whooping-monkey mode*

Why do we fall? To learn how to pick ourselves up again.


Posted: 01 Jul 2005, 12:52
by Fidjit
In a way he has a point, they released Red Dwarf on DVD four years after the last episode was broadcasted.

But then again, with all those annual DJ Conventions they have and the amount of Red Dwarf fans there are, it can be a popularity issue

And with TC occupied by a new project, it can be the case that he is delaying the DVD release UFN

(Took me a while to get that right)

Re:Knightmare on DVD - any news?

Posted: 26 Aug 2005, 17:56
by Naitch

A release on DVD format would be amazing.

Although having them on tape is amazing, my tape for series 1 is now 18 years old.

While it still plays pretty good, with neither sound nor picture quality degrading that much, the tapes won't last for ever...

Re:Knightmare on DVD - any news?

Posted: 10 Sep 2005, 20:51
by sammy22
It's such a shame somthing can't be done about it between ourselves. There is little doubt that between everyone on the forums we have all the series taped.

A dvd recorder would enable footage to be transfered from video onto dvd. Ok it may take a few dvds as each dvd has a maximum (on mine) of 4 hours but that would mean easily that each series could fit onto a couple of dvds.

Gathering different footage together we could produce a box set dvd ourselves using the "pooled footage" of different people. The dvd box sets could then be distributed.

Thoughts anyone?

Re:Knightmare on DVD - any news?

Posted: 10 Sep 2005, 21:50
by TheBrollachan
Sorry, but doing that is illegal, please take a look at the FAQs page Also as a side note Tim Child reads these forums still fairly regularly.