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Re:Here's a mad idea...

Posted: 28 Jun 2005, 03:31
by Pipmuk
Apologies for the threadbump, but I haven't logged in here for quite some time.

Has it really been 14 months since this started? I feel old, heh.

The sooner this gets done, the better :-)

Re:Here's a mad idea...

Posted: 29 Jun 2005, 17:06
by SkipTheDreadnort
Still working, still working... just think of the Grolsch. I'm not trying to wind anyone up or anything. It's just taking forever.


Re:Here's a mad idea...

Posted: 16 Jul 2005, 21:33
by FrightKnight
Still eager for it! ;)

Re:Here's a mad idea...

Posted: 29 Dec 2005, 01:37
by keke
SkipTheDreadnort wrote: It's just taking forever.
need any help? i know flash now just incase you do. lol

Re:Here's a mad idea...

Posted: 30 Dec 2005, 17:12
by SkipTheDreadnort
Help? How about you take a big gun and exterminate all the other people who are taking up my time, it would make me feel so much better. No, wait - they're paying me, so I'd better keep 'em sweet. ;)

Keke, if you would like to help, you can have a go at drawing some dungeoneer graphics. This is the one part I haven't got started yet, simply because it's a mammoth task. Think about it: I need animations for walking, turning, running, jumping, ducking, picking up, sidestepping, shuffling, 'using' and death animations - in eight different directions! If you would like to at least do some rough designs, I'm sure I can use them. Make them vector-based (Flash FLA or Fireworks EPS) and knock yourself out.

Anyway, here's a new screenshot.

Oh, and Happy New Year!


Re:Here's a mad idea...

Posted: 26 Jan 2006, 16:53
by keke
sorry. only just checked this. thought i'd try anyways, heres the dude sidestepping from behind

swf file: ... re15dk.swf

fla file: ... 1.fla.html

basically you scroll down and click the download that says free. then next screen scroll down and wait how long it says (bout 20 seconds) then it shud download.
if you can actually use that then i'll do some more but its not v.good really

Re:Here's a mad idea...

Posted: 26 Jan 2006, 18:12
by nin_ken_dog
I've got come Causeway ideas.

Before each would be a clue given.

Follow Soot:
Images of card suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades). The idea is to only step on BLACK suits (therefore, spades and clubs)

It's All Language To Me:
Only stepping on Greek letters is permitted.

Capture the King:
Chess pieces on the farthest row, from Rook to King.

Even Stevens:
Shapes are on the tiles, but stepping on one with an odd number of sides silences you.

I also have ideas for quest items if anyone is interested.

Re:Here's a mad idea...

Posted: 30 Jan 2006, 19:24
by Thequietone
Woah, this looks like the game of the year .... decade ... century?

This game looks so cool, by the looks of it, easily beating the 'official' knightmare games hands down! I hope it succeeds! I'd like to see an offline version tho... and an awesome rendition of the knightmare theme of course ... i love that theme!

I'm gonna go see what happened to that AGS game someone was planning last year....

Re:Here's a mad idea...

Posted: 01 Feb 2006, 19:08
by SkipTheDreadnort
Actually, Keke, this rocks pretty damn hard. I can definitely use it. Inspiring stuff.

I know I'm hardly ever on the forum, but I still pay attention to this thread often, so please keep those ideas coming, as I really do plan to get some more work done on this soon.


Re:Here's a mad idea...

Posted: 10 Feb 2006, 21:42
by keke
cool. i'll see if i can do some more sidesteps but in different angles. and perhaps a larger sidestep

Re:Here's a mad idea...

Posted: 01 Apr 2006, 01:44
by Brendy
Hey was wondering how this project was getting on. Im sure your busy doing other things but would love to know if there was an update. Cheers

Re:Here's a mad idea...

Posted: 12 Apr 2006, 19:25
by nin_ken_dog
Yeah, I want to know how you're doing on this (i.e. percentage-wise)? Good luck and thanks for giving to the fans bud.

Re:Here's a mad idea...

Posted: 26 Sep 2006, 15:32
by 37Herbie
This does look quality :D

If you need any beta testers to try out any of the levels then I'd love to do it ;)

Knice to see an actual tv knightmare brought to a game! With the editor being made should allow for a whole variety of quests!

For game deaths how about having the wrong item in a clue room being part of the death. For example, drinking a potion actually causes them to explode or something. Could be a level 3 one where they need to select the right 2 potions. Taking the worng wrong means drinking to their death literally!