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Re: Midnight Hunt Meetup: March 5-7 2016

Posted: 07 Mar 2016, 19:38
by Mystara
Well, after a long weekend, I thought I'd post up a short recap of the weekend's events to everyone.

Thanks for those of you that came along and participated. Hopefully we'll get to see you at the next event, or alternatively at the Knightmare Live preview show (free tickets!).

We gave out a few prizes across both nights. The winners are as follows:

Night 1:
For the players: Non-fearer of stairs....Claire.
For the NPCs: Master-berater....Robin.

Night 2:
For the players: Ball-buster....Natalie.
For the NPCs: The teenage witch....Amy.

Re: Midnight Hunt Meetup: March 5-7 2016

Posted: 08 Mar 2016, 02:50
by Gundrada
I think an honorary mention should go a character, who had a moving... Hang on, wait a minute...

*Puts on the theme to Our Tune and clears her throat*

A character, who had a moving tale of loss, woe, betrayal and sacrifice, with adventures reaching far and wide. A story which touched us all in a unique way, and wouldn't seem too out of place on Jerry Kyle or Jeremy Springer... as well as fathering/mothering 80% of the boat-travelling group, the lover of a salty sea-dog, and rather a tonic after hoiking up and down those infernal stairs - with a corn on the cob and some dirty chips.

Yes, I am, of course, talking of Flossie (most recent picture supplied)


It was a fun weekend, and a welcome sight to see some new faces. A great job by everyone involved, and hopefully see you at the next hunt (work rota permitting) :D

Re: Midnight Hunt Meetup: March 5-7 2016

Posted: 08 Mar 2016, 17:26
by ClaireFearsBlades32
Hi guys

Thanks to all it was such a great time. Real novelty for me to be out late and I had such a laugh, especially playing on the Saturday.

Big congrats to Alan and Forrester for co ordinating us all. Good job!

Roll on Blackpool I will be there no worries!

Re: Midnight Hunt Meetup: March 5-7 2016

Posted: 08 Mar 2016, 20:45
by Mashibinbin
Before I speak Captain Eye-Lyn wants to share a few words of nautical wisdom...

"Arrr Flossie! She be gone alas but her sisters Flissie and Flessie will take her place. They were cock a hoop to see me at the funeral, well they weren't that bothered about the hoop..."
*gets dragged off by a weighty anchor.

Anyhoo, three steps is all that should ever be permitted in the Knightmare universe, 199 was far more than one too far!

We had a fun weekend despite being so cold frozen statues might have looked more animated at times. Please if you read these forums and are passionate about the show pick up the gauntlet and get involved. Without you future events are less likely and the numbers we had would have benefited from a boosting. Claire was a complete newcomer and all the braver for it and she enjoyed it fully.

Re: Midnight Hunt Meetup: March 5-7 2016

Posted: 13 Mar 2016, 12:35
by Sisterfairgame
Hey all,
Big thanks goes to Forester and Alan who I think, this midnight hunt did very well.
It was a great weekend away and thank you to those that helped me get out of my timid shell and moved forward in the right steps.. lol
It was a good setup and I enjoyed both sat and sun nights, I liked being both player and NCP part. Thank you to my new 'family' and hope bro and 'mother' is doing well! ;D :)
Looking forward to the next Midnight Hunt, hopefully in York, 2017

It's only a game, isn't it...

Re: Midnight Hunt Meetup: March 5-7 2016

Posted: 18 Apr 2016, 21:20
by Mystara
Howdy all,

I promised free tickets to a previewing showing of the new Knightmare Live show for everyone that attended the Whitby Midnight Hunt.

Unfortunately, you won't get tickets to a preview show...
Because you get free tickets to the actual show on opening night instead!!!

The opening night is this Sunday 24 April and is in London. With apologies for the late notice, if you would like to come please let me know on or before Thursday 21 April

Re: Midnight Hunt Meetup: March 5-7 2016

Posted: 19 Apr 2016, 21:29
by Mashibinbin
It's a no from me sorry, have a prior engagement on the Saturday night and couldn't justify that cost of getting there and staying for just one night. Looking at over £70 just for the train! :(