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Posted: 23 Jan 2006, 17:59
by robbo4
Anyone considered putting their knightmare clips on

Be a good way to share episodes of knightmare for free.

Posted: 23 Jan 2006, 18:13
by HStorm
Clips are okay, but then there are loads of them on the KM site already, so it's not really necessary.

As for whole episodes... er, no. Not a great move when Challenge TV's broadcast rights will soon be up for renewal.

Posted: 23 Jan 2006, 18:34
by robbo4
Better than people selling illegial DVD's

You can post movies as big as 100mb on, the clips on this site aren't that good in quality.

Posted: 23 Jan 2006, 19:51
by Malefact
Either through sold DVDs, or free file transfers, this is piracy. By having episodes up for download, Challenge's audience will decrease - which means curtains for any possibility of them picking up the new series.

This forum cannot condone piracy in any shape or form. This thread should not really exist at all.

Posted: 23 Jan 2006, 22:33
by robbo4
I do watch it on Challenge TV as well.

Posted: 24 Jan 2006, 10:23
by HStorm
Maybe, but what we're saying is, Challenge's rights to broadcast the series are due to expire over the next 18 months (they already have expired for season 3, and season 4 expires in just a couple of months or so), and they'd have to pay fresh funds to renew them. They won't bother shelling out if they decide that everybody already has copies of all the episodes because someone's set up an Internet free-for-all. At which point, Knightmare vanishes into limbo again.

This is why, paid-for or toll-free, it wouldn't be a good idea to distribute it on Youtube. (I must also concur with Malefact that it's not good to be discussing this idea at all. People at both Challenge and Anglia TV sometimes browse this forum and the whole subject of people pirating Knightmare tends to make them very uneasy.)

Posted: 24 Jan 2006, 22:38
by Illusion
This topic is now locked.

Thank you.