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Re:death question

Posted: 04 Jan 2009, 01:32
by HStorm
You can find all the episodes on YouTube if you search for GaryGarratt's account. It's not the same as seeing it on DVD of course, but better than nothing.

Re:death question

Posted: 15 Jan 2009, 00:56
by chrysalis
one thing that annoys me with knightmare when watching it now is the amount of times the camera cuts to the advisors at pivotal moments so we have no idea what the dungeoneer is doing. That I reckon might have been due to some moments of editing and/or retakes as a lot of time it happens near death scenes.

Re:death question

Posted: 23 Jan 2009, 15:11
by Fidjit
Tim Child (to dungeoneer): I'm going to demonstrate this strange block here, this is how I want you to fall off it...

Dungeoneer (Simon from series eight if you must): Whatever for?

Tim Child: For your death scene!

Cheers for telling the poor kidd how he is going to snuff it. At least in hostage situations you have a rough idea! ::)