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Parody of Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins

Posted: 21 Apr 2019, 15:44
by Drassil
I don't know why I didn't think of this one sooner, but here's a parody of Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins, 1986) about Lillith. Music video here; lyrics via Google. With thanks to Giorgio Moroder for the music.

Level One you've entered
Lillith you are bound to meet
Magic incantation
Makes it safe to move your feet

"Rock to rock and stone to stone
Span the pit and cross the zone"

Lounging in her chasm
Waiting for a gift from you
She wants a Buddha or bouquet
And she may give a spell or two

"Rock to rock and stone to stone"
She'll make it "span the pit and cross the zone"

You'll never get to Level Two
Unless you please her and go through the serpent's mouth
You'll never know all she can do
Until you mess it up and Lillith sends you south

Standing on her ledge is
Never a safe place to be
If she's an aching head
She's not for sensitivity

Ice packs are less danger prone
They're a ticket right across the gaping zone
"Have no time for boys like you...
Crumble, ledge and Akash too"

Offer her an empty jar
And she'll send you somewhere downward, under par
"Have no time for boys from Ash...
Crumble, ledge, and boulders crash"

Hi, Maeve, you've no afro comb
Mary Miller, next year also play a crone

"Rock to rock and stone to stone
Span the pit and cross the zone..."