More questions for Tim Child

Questions for the cast and crew of Knightmare
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More questions for Tim Child

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am I too late for this interview as I have got a great question? well quite a few...

has tim child had any embassing/very embassing moments in a knightmare/live/convention thing that made him laugh and what kind of things happened?

did he ever get asked do you play darts?, get told that he sounds like scar[from lion king] and looks like a darts player/comedian/bit like ricky gervais

like for example some kid who wasn't old enough to have seen the show telling him off for getting rid of knightmare. maybe saying something like

what that fish thing....... no that wasn't you was it that was/must have been someone else.....that must have been someone else's idea as that show was rubbish/no plot/lost the plot/ knightmare is well cool/ much cooler/much better/its just a pity/bit of a pity/ that I was never old enough to have seen the knightmare show.

did she then get told to say sorry to you. and she said something like sorry for not being old enough to have had a chance to see the show. sorry for just telling/ telling you what I thought about something I saw when I was seven. and you were shocked when you realised that she was just sharing her own point of view and was trying to say sorry for having her own view.

and did some wee lass [in another one or the same one] [maybe the same lass/lad] ask at the door where am I the guy waves her/him through the door and she tells some black haired lady with pointly ears no seriously where the hell am I?
only to later on be told to keep an eye on some poor man and with pickle's [from tv show] help as pickle [number1]gives someone[treguardnumber2] leather by hitting him with the knapsack and takes them to the sight of a kid holding a very ill man's hand and she tells them that the man is ill and she thinks he's dying and saves his life by telling his friends and never leaving his side [until his friends scoop him up and run backstage] meaning they had to give him some special meds causing her to become a bit of a hero.

did someone ever blunder into a knightmare convention/knightmare live/ thing/ end up on stage and have a great time but you haven't see them again yet.

has anyone from the audience [except Treguard from tv show] done a bit of spellcasting to save Treguard [from stage show] fought off a frightknight or many and saved the show then at some point at the part where Treguard is [playing] dead says something like you want more ok then and welcome to the last ever episode of knightmare.

bonus points if any of it happened in the same convention and if someone afterwards said that was the best knightmare convention ever and a another person said that must have been a set up no way could someone get in here without a pass.

even more if that kid had reddish brown hair like copper chestnut colour. or brown eyes. or both.

and a million extra points if she didn't take a badge that said not the chosen one and was told off for looking at the chosen one badge because it reminded her of saving pickle. but having been told that badge was not hers but was for someone else she then gave it back and left.

and a trillion points if she /stepped off/tripped and fell off while getting off a moving circle/wheel thing. then told a laughing Treguard about a disability /not good balance/lack of coordination/bad speller/ getting a second chance then playing as if she was really on the tv show. bonus points if she won on her second go. even more if she said on having the ritual of titles/lands stipped and sent to france. only to tell him she had no titles or lands and she rather likes france. then he gave her a title of/lady/dame/ she shocked says thank you then he takes it off her. then doesn't send her to france because where she comes from is worse.

did tim ever help a team whose dungeoneer was really clever but the team were trying to get the kid to give the wrong answer on purpose[actingoutsomethingthathappenedontheshow] and did someone cry out you're not supposed to know the answer. to which the kid answers I can't help it if I know the answer.

did Treguard number 1 take over the show of Treguard number 2 at all. while a team are playing the game.

even even even even more if you met a kid with the first name of Elizabeth and her surname [if she told you] starts with a m and ends in a n. even more if she told you her date of birth and of being born without certain items that form in the last month before a baby is born. [you will be asked what they are? ]

have you ever met anyone with autism or something like it? how did you feel when you first met the disabled person?
have you ever met anyone disabled?
anything else i can think of? no!

that's enough questions to ask. and if I missed this interview how do I interview him?
or better still ask him to message me if he can.
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