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Knightmare Live @ The Lowry

Posted: 16 May 2014, 23:22
by HStorm
Anyone in or near Manchester on 4th of June or 28th October will be able to catch KM-Live at the Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays, and bookings are now being taken on their website; -

I'm out of town for the June sitting, but I've already arranged my ticket for October. :-)

Re: Knightmare Live @ The Lowry

Posted: 28 Oct 2014, 23:21
by HStorm
Saw the show tonight. Often hilarious, occasionally just started to grate in a couple of places - the endless repetition of "A warrior's name!" really does need to be trimmed back - but generally excellent performances and a lot of fun.

Also nice to know I'm far from alone in thinking that Pickle is a useless t*t.

Re: Knightmare Live @ The Lowry

Posted: 29 Oct 2014, 13:23
by davethorp
I was also there last night and saw the show in June too

A lot of material was recycled between the two shows which was a slight disappointment. In particular:

The shop room
The wall demon room
The sleeping goblin room - with the same spell used to save them
Facing death
The dragon with no name - I was tempted to shout out that it had no name but someone beat me to it with the very good answer of Bal Shebar. Last time the dungeoneer blurted out Smirkenorf
The room of blades

The only real new material was the time travel sub plot and Pickle (although Pickle was a real highlight. He kept cracking me up with his mannerisms and randomness even when there was other stuff going on)

I also managed to get my picture taken in the helmet this time something I couldn't do the first time as we had to dash for the train whereas we stayed over this time to avoid that problem

Re: Knightmare Live @ The Lowry

Posted: 01 Nov 2014, 16:18
by HStorm
Took a few pix while I was there, but my camera struggled with the low light.

I didn't bother getting my pic taken with the helmet. The queue was huge, and in any case, I tried wearing the original many years ago, and even that wasn't quite as thrilling an experience as I thought it would be. A copy was never going to be that appealing. Oh well.

Re: Knightmare Live @ The Lowry

Posted: 01 Nov 2014, 17:36
by davethorp
The queue moved pretty quick once they showed up with the helmet. We were about halfway down it and were out in about 10 mins and back in our hotel room 10 mins after that. I never got to wear the original so for me this was a childhood dream come true to finally wear it after all these years even if it was a copy.

Your camera did alright. There was a guy in front of us in the theatre who must have tried about 10 times to get a photo of the helmet before the start but each time his camera couldn't cope with the difference in light and just produced a washed out or blurred photo each time

Re: Knightmare Live @ The Lowry

Posted: 01 Nov 2014, 18:50
by FoxyLF
HStorm wrote: Also nice to know I'm far from alone in thinking that Pickle is a useless t*t.
I must admit I couldn't help shouting out 'Kill Pickle!' when we saw them in Lincoln, although s/he is very funny in the show :P

Re: Knightmare Live @ The Lowry

Posted: 01 Nov 2014, 20:33
by HStorm
"My people call it an apple," was a good line.

Re: Knightmare Live @ The Lowry

Posted: 04 Nov 2014, 21:38
by stockholmsyndrome
Went to Knightmare Live @ Lyric last night.

It was great, good balance between affection for the show, and irreverent humour/awareness 20 years is a long time ago. There was a surreal and beautiful sub plot where Treaguard is involved in a 90's love triangle with Michaela Strachan from the really wild show, and his nemesis Neil Buchanan from Art Attack. There was also some disturbing sexual confusion between Pickle and Treagard 8-o The 3 lead actors very strong.

The dragon scene and clockwork grim reaper were the best iconic bits of Knightmare, along with the original sound effects.

Looking round the auidience, would say age range was late 20s to early 40s, felt like a strange school reunion assembly, but a nice atmosphere.

There was a big twist at the London show, will leave that to anyone doing a proper review.