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Hi everyone

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 18:17
by Selphie
Hi everyone (sorry about the rubbish title), been lurking for a little while so thought I'd sign up and join in since you all seem like a nice bunch :)

I'm staying with my parents for Christmas and when I was made to go into the attic to clear out some of my stuff I found my old VHS tapes of series 5 through to 8 so I've been on a major nostalgia trip for the past few days! Does anyone mind if I start commenting in the episode threads or is it a pain to have them bumped after so long?

From my recollection as a kid I have to say season 6 is my favourite because it not only looked more polished then S5 but I preferred the puzzles to the later series. I don't remember in depth anything much before S4, only bits and pieces so sorry if I'm not appreciating S3 enough ;)

So anyway, hello and I look forward to spending some time with people who don't think my Knightmare obsession is slightly odd ;)

Leah x

Re:Hi everyone

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 18:27
by HStorm
Hi Leah, welcome aboard and Merry Xmas.

Of course you can comment on the episode threads, please go for it, on as many of them as you can. (If it weren't allowed, the threads would be locked!)

As for not appreciating S3 enough... no matter, we have a firing squad for people like you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The final sentence above is not true.

Re:Hi everyone

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 19:05
by Drassil
Hello. The good thing about a 'major nostalgia trip' is that you don't need travel insurance. ;) Please feel free to post in whichever threads you want, whenever you want. Bumping is not a problem - particularly not for the Episode Discussion threads, because we have Dan's 'Episode Thread Index' to keep them organised. And personally, I quite like it when old threads surface from the depths. :)

By the way, you can improve your Series 3 appreciation courtesy of YouTube, which currently has all episodes of Series 3 (and Series 1, 2, 4, 7 and 8 ).

P.S. ... =Selphie85 - was that you, or just coincidence?

Re:Hi everyone

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 19:27
by Selphie
Nope that's not me, maybe just someone else with an appreciation of Final Fantasy VIII!

I will make my way through S3 eventually and I'm sure I'll see the light... maybe... ;) Either way I look forward to reading through people's views.

Thanks for the reassurance about episode discussion, have just made my first post, good luck, I do seem to have written quite a lot :D

Re:Hi everyone

Posted: 28 Dec 2007, 14:47
by Fidjit
How do Leah!

Names Fidjit (Or Glenn if you want!) Thief Extroadinairre and Lockmaster, with the right equipment, theres nought thou can't open!

Addiction to Knightmare?? Why do thee think were here now? Oh and as for not appreciating series three is wrong. If I'm not mistaken it was voted best series of Knightmare, by us of course.

Enjoy you time with us! :)

Re:Hi everyone

Posted: 29 Dec 2007, 20:02
by Kieran
Hi there, and welcome to the forum!

I see you're already enjoying the trove of threads and discussions we have here.

If you have an addiction to KM, then your stay here will likely only enhance that!

Re:Hi everyone

Posted: 03 Jan 2008, 11:39
by sozboz
I'm relatively new on this here forum, and not part of the 'season 3 hardcore'

Re:Hi everyone

Posted: 08 Jan 2008, 12:55
by darkDescender
Yes, hello and welcome. I am dark Descender, romanticist, femenist, Marxist. Enjoy yourself.