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Series summing things up!

Posted: 22 Nov 2003, 19:15
by MoanaLiza
I was thinking of my good and bad bits from series' and thought of a few things.

(I know most of you all know some of this, but with my opinions) to sum things up though:

Scenery and graphics. The first few series all were based in the dungeon, series four was the beginning of the expansion onto wider terratory and series five was half based outside the dungeons. I can't remember much from the later ones though. Anyway the earlier series' were based more from artwork and seemed to look more realistic (colourwise) due to the rooms being from drawings and paintings. The later series' rooms and scenes however were more based from films taken and which I think computer edited, so the colour was poorer such as with the eye shield scenes espesially the ones for series four, which were more purple colour than anything.

The nature and difficulty of the puzzles in general. some puzzles were certainly harder than others even if they were in earlier or later series. Some were hard if a dungeoneer made it hard for themselves. Some were straight forward but needed thinking about. Some especially needed the teams to work together and some needed the right timing. Some really needed quick thinking and some needed a speedy dungeoneer. Some needed a mixture.

Examples: A couple which needed quick thinking were Corridor of blades and the Block and Tackle. Many a dungeoneer died in the Corridor or blades due to not being told to move over to the opposite side quick enough or not being told to move far enough to the other side. Giles' team showed us how it should be done. They were lucky to make it through the Block and Tackle though. Helens' team, I thought was an perfect example of how the Block and Tackle should be done. They didn't seem to panic, they went straight across to the other side. A couple of puzzles which needed speed were Ariadne's Lair and The bomb rooms. These were the puzzles which tended to make teams panic and more prone to making mistakes. A few puzzles which needed the right timing were Spin dizzy and the cogs, The Cat Statues (s3), timed causeways, moving block room and Fireball room(s7), etc. These needed the dungeoneer to move at the right time i.e. with the cats every so often they would spit something (a fireball?) and a pit between them would become a carpeted floor which would dissappear after a few seconds. The dungeoneer had to move over it quickly. In spin dizzy (s3) the dugeonear had to jump of at the right moment, usually be indication over a doorway. Puzzles which certainly needed teams to work together (which all of them did in a way but some for certain) and some even thinking about were wall monsters (if you class them as puzzles) unless of course the dungeoneer knew all the answers, blockers unless the dungeoneer remembered the password, Play Your Cards Right (or whatever it was called). Sometimes characters made puzzles easier or harder depending on who they were or if they had been given an object they required or a bribe. Some of the puzzles such as the causeways could only be completed if the dungeoneer and team had picked up the information such as the sequence for it during the quest before hand i.e. from a character they met, through the spy glass, etc.

Characters, number of episodes/length of series, Levels, general bits.

The later series'. They tended to have less episodes and the series' seemed to get shorter and shorter. They also started putting short cuts in where the dungeoneer would go from level one to level three. There was still only one winner per series apart from series seven which had two, so either the puzzles were not any easier or the teams were not as bright. There was also more outdoor scenes and scenes from other areas, where they weren't just in Knightmare Castle. They also seemed to have more characters (mainly all human type), with most of the actors playing at leasttwo human type characters

The early series'. They tended to have the most episodes and the quests seemed to last longer. They might of not actually lasted longer only just seemed to. There also seemed to be more quests. There also seemed to be less characters with most of the actors playing one human character. Series four had about half of the actors playing about two characters each. All exept series four were based in the dungeons in Knightmare Castle and you also never knew what room was going to be next. Even going from level to level was not always the same way, i.e. after a dungeoneer went down the well to level two they didn't always end up on spin dizzy. Series four was the only one in the early series' which was different.

So here I go with some of my worse bits overall:

Series my least favourite at the moment is series four - too repetative, you tended to figure out what was coming next a lot of the time. The Start of the eyeshield sequences and outside scenes meant poor very purple in colour.

Early Smirkenorf (Im sorry but) I have tended to find him a bit boring especially since he doesn't say anything. My opinion though.

Later Series' The later series' were shorter than the early ones so seem to be over almost as soon as they start really, just as your getting into them.

Re: Series summing things up!

Posted: 22 Nov 2003, 19:16
by MoanaLiza
Some of my good bits are:

amount of characters in earlier series' I was going to put this as one of my worse bits but then I thought that a lot of those characters made appearences through most of the series' and are still remembered clearly and are quite favourable, for example Mrs G. and Festus appeared in most episodes and is one of the favourites with most KM fans. The way she used to make you laugh such as the way she used to talk to the dungeoneers and to Festus and about him. I liked Merlin too. I think Mogdred stuck in people's minds because he was somewhat scary, especially the way he used to talk.

Other things are as I've already said the earlier series' seemed to have more episodes and seemed to last longer and the quests also seemed to last longer. You never knew what was going to happen/coming next as it was always different.

(These are all my opinions and you will probably disagree with me.)

Re: Series summing things up!

Posted: 22 Nov 2003, 20:58
by Lord_Bob
Well Moana, I actually think you have good opinions, reasoned arguement and good choices. Nice work ;D

Re: Series summing things up!

Posted: 22 Nov 2003, 21:17
by MoanaLiza
Why thankyou. I can't believe it took me so long to write it, about two or three hour but I got there in the end. I don't usually post very long messages as it takes me ages to come up with what to put and sometimes I forget what I have put and what I am going to put, that's why my posts tend to be quite short. But anyway back to the subject before we go too much off topic. (I was goin to put something else in my good bits but forgot what I was going to put).

Fill free to add what you think and your good and bad points!