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Hello hello hello!

Post by m62259 »

Bit of an interesting thread title there, isn't it? in any case...
I'm an american who discovered the show all the way back when I was 8. (which was in 2007-2008, surprising, i know.) i watched the show via youtube, and since then i have become some sort of tracker of tv shows like knightmare, to the point where i've created my very own list on imdb. (https://www.imdb.com/list/ls023517691/ hers're a fun idea, try to count how many of these show's you recognize as a little game. )

I've mostly been lurking on this forum until just now, wanting to pop in and say hi. (and add my own stuff to the forum, don’t be surprised if I pop in in the “reminds me of knightmare” thread to post about another fantasy game show now and then.)

what stick's to me about knightmare is that while it isn't the "very" first show of this sort of genre, (that goes to BBC's Adventure game, which debuted in 1980 and just abut ended when knightmare began in 86) it did in a sense "pioneer" it by being the first one with a real dedicated fanbase that has lasted for such a long time. i do remember Tim Child saying this in a interview: (https://www.bothersbar.co.uk/?page_id=193)
Knightmare has been off our screens for 13 years now – cable repeats notwithstanding. Are you surprised that (other than yourself which we will get onto later) given what a huge success it was nobody seems to have tried anything that taps into a similar vein?

Not really. They’d have to be mad.
Well, we certainly live in a mad time do we? and there have been tv show's made since that interview that pushed the fantasy gameshow genre. check my list if you haven't already.
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Re: Hello hello hello!

Post by HStorm »

Welcome to Arkham!

No I'm serious. Have you ever seen Knightmare Castle and Arkham Asylum in the same room together? And we only ever get to to see them in darkness with lightning in the background, they're clearly the same place.
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Re: Hello hello hello!

Post by DragonsBeHere »

Hi! An excellent list, with many great shows on it and many more I'll have to check out. You clearly know your stuff.
If you're looking to expand the list, I suggest you have a look at Jungle Run, Don't Unleash the Beast or Escape From Scorpion Island. And I'm sure everyone on here would recommend you check out the rest of the Broadsword Cinematic Universe.
I'm glad you decided to pop in.
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Re: Hello hello hello!

Post by Drassil »

According to legend, if you say "hello" loudly and clearly and of three times, Lionel Richie will appear.

Welcome and thanks for joining the forum. It's always encouraging to hear from fans who came to Knightmare after it had finished. It demonstrates that even without the nostalgia which us '80s and '90s kids attach to Knightmare, it is still a special series.

Thank you for your interesting list. An excellent suggestion from DragonsBeHere to investigate Knightmare's sister shows: The Satellite Game, Cyberzone, Virtually Impossible and TimeBusters.

You might also have fun exploring the similarities and differences between Knightmare and its continental remakes: El Rescate del Talismán (Spain) and Le Chevalier du Labyrinthe (France). I hope one day the pilot for the US, Lords of the Game, will be available too for anyone who didn't get to see it at the Knightmare Convention in 2014.

Treasures of the Mindlord, mentioned from time to time on this forum, is worth a look as well.
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