A selection of images, audio and video of Knightmare and related themes for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re looking for information about Knightmare in the media (i.e. print press or TV), you’ll find this under Coverage.

We have a number of audio and video clips available, covering both the show itself and various other interviews and documentaries about it. Many are in RealMedia format or MP3, and should be viewable on either Windows Media Player or VLC player. Not all the clips are good quality, but we will be improving them in due course.

See pictures of the cast, crew and contestants, filming locations, quest artefacts, the titles and life-force sequences, some of the original Knightmare rooms, and some of the awards that Anglia Television won for Knightmare.

Knightmare artefacts. Thanks to Glenn Toogood, David Forester and Kieran O’Brien for providing these photos.

Galleries of character shots from Knightmare.

Ever wondered about the castles and villages that appeared in Knightmare? See shots of some of them here.

  • News Pictures from Anglia Television
  • Anglia Television Knightmare Awards
  • Anglia Television Building, Norwich
  • Title Sequences
  • Life Force Sequence
  • Original Hand Painted Knightmare Rooms by David Rowe
  • Contestant Photos

A guide to the seven Knightmare books written by Dave Morris which accompanied the series between 1988 and 1994.

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