Nicholas Lam gives an overview of the Knightmare books.

There were 7 Knightmare books in total. The first four were made up of two-thirds story and one-third games puzzles for older readers, aged 12+. The remaining three books are intended for younger readers. The Forbidden Gate and The Dragon's Lair are half story and half game puzzles. Lord Fear's Domain was a full puzzle book.

All Knightmare books are now out of print, however and you may find people selling copies on sites such as Justbooks, eBay and amazon. Its also worth checking charity shops and local libraries as you never know what you might find.

David Cooper posted this book-finding story in the Discussion Forum in September 2001:

Hi, I thought I'd tell you about a weird trip I had to Robin Hoods Bay while on my holiday. I'd been talking about Knightmare on and off all week and saying how if I won the lottery I'd pay Anglia to copy all the episodes. Anyway If you know Robin Hoods Bay its just a hill and at the top is a bookshop, I went in and SHOCK HORROR managed to find one of the Knightmare books. So quite pleased with my self we went down the hill. At the bottom is another bookshop and SHOCK HORROR I found yet another Knightmare book. Now that's not bad considering I look in all the charity shops in my home town and elsewhere then find 2 in 1 day.

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