Below is an index of all the clips in the Series 7 guide.

Download this file (7brostrange.rm)Brother Strange[Team 4 meet Brother Strange in a dwarf tunnel.]108 kB
Download this file (7endseason.rm)Team 7 End of Season[Team 7 save Knightmare Castle from Lord Fear's troll, and also retrieve the Shield in the process!]1674 kB
Download this file (7fear_brollachan.rm)Lord Fear / Brollachan[Team 1 use the spy glass they got from Rothberry to spy on Lord Fear and discover that the Brollachan wall monster is to kill Smirkenorff the dragon.]283 kB
Download this file (7fidjit.rm)Fidjit[Team 5 meet Fidjit (the lock master) trapped in some stocks and eventually agree to help him as they have the key.]63 kB
Download this file (7fireball.rm)Fire Ball Room[Team 5 tackle the fire ball/moving floor puzzle in level 1, and pick up a firestone in the process. They also use an INSIGHT spell so the dungeoneer could see.]374 kB
Download this file (7grimaldine.rm)Grimaldine[Team 3 meet Grimaldine ('Sometimes of the grey but always of the green') in Level 1.]73 kB
Download this file (7marta.rm)Marta[Team 4 meets Marta in an inn.]63 kB
Download this file (7movingblock.rm)Moving Block[Team 3 tackle the moving block floor puzzle in level 1.]450 kB
Download this file (7raptor.rm)Raptor[Team 4 meets Raptor with goblins Grippa and Rhark and use a spell from the 'talking book' to shoot them.]67 kB
Download this file (7romahna.rm)Romahna[Team 1 meet Romahna (the dragon warden). She appears to be Smirkenorff\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s guardian to keep him from extinction from the people who want to destroy him.]61 kB
Download this file (7rothberry.rm)Rothberry[Team 2 meet Rothberry (the healer) in level 2. They ask for something to help Hordriss as he had been hit by a green fireball.]188 kB
Download this file (7start.rm)Start of Season[The start of the 7th season of KNIGHTMARE. The alarm sounds, Lissard panics and Majida appears out of a bottle. Includes the opening titles.]1075 kB
Download this file (7team2death.rm)Team 2 Progress Report/Death[Team 2's progress report at the start of the episode, followed shortly by their death in level 2 as they didn't have a Nightsight potion.]562 kB
Download this file (7team2tunnel.rm)Team 2 Dwarf Tunnel[Team 2 enter a dwarf tunnel using a glow-light and are hunted by goblins, then outside Smirkenorff gets rid of them by blowing a fireball!]556 kB
Download this file (7team3death.rm)Team 3 tackle Play Your Cards Right[Team 3 tackle the Play Your Cards Right puzzle.]477 kB
Download this file (7team6win.rm)Team 6 Win[Team 6's last stages where they pickup the final pieces of the ARKEN shield, meet the Brollachan, retrieve the sword and encounter Lord Fear.]1672 kB
Download this file (s7beforeteam5.mp3)Before Team 5[Just before Team 5 in Series 7. ]152 kB
Download this file (s7e1majida.mp3)Majida[Majida in the first episode of Series 7.]77 kB

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