Children's ITV will turn 30 next month - and Knightmare will be part of the celebrations.

"Time turns," Treguard would tell Knightmare's watchers; and on 3rd January 2013, thirty years will have turned since the launch of Children's ITV, which brought us Knightmare and many other classics in the decades since. So how is CITV marking this milestone, and how is Knightmare involved?

First will be a documentary, 30 Years Of CITV, on ITV1 on Saturday 29th December 2012 from 18:30-19:30. The title makes its intentions fairly clear; and according to ITV, the programme will allow us to 'look back at our favourites and celebrate CITV's greatest and most groundbreaking moments.' Who wouldn't be expecting Knightmare to be covered by that?

The trigenarian celebrations resume the following weekend, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th January 2013 - in quite amazing style. In what has been dubbed the Old Skool Weekend (yes, school doesn't usually have a K, but then nor does nightmare), the CITV channel (Freeview 72, Freesat 602, Sky 621, Virgin 734) will be repeating a rich selection of beloved programmes from CITV's first thirty years. Knightmare of course will be among them, with an episode from 1993 to be shown at 2pm on both the Saturday and Sunday. These episodes, the final two of Series 7, feature Team 7, whose dungeoneer was the popular Barry Thorne.

The listings for the Old Skool Weekend, which come courtesy of, are as follows:

Saturday 5th January 2013

9:25am Mike & Angelo (S2 Ep7, Fuzzball, 1990)
9:50 Super Gran (2nd episode, 1985)
10:15 Wizadora (last episode, 1998)
10:30 T-Bag (1987)
10:50 Engie Benjy (S3 Ep1, 2004)
11:05 The Raggy Dolls (1994)
11:15 Puddle Lane (1986)
11:35 Count Duckula (1991)
12:00pm The Sooty Show (1986)
12:25 Art Attack (1992)
12:40 The Big Bang (1997)
1:00 Finders Keepers (1991)
1:30 Fun House (1994)
2:00 Knightmare (S7 Ep14, 1993)
2:30 Fraggle Rock (1983)
3:00 The Worst Witch (1998)
3:30 Woof! [Eric] (1st episode, 1989)
4:00 Dramarama: Blackbird Singing In The Dead of Night (1988)
4:30 Press Gang (1st ever episode)
5:00 The Tomorrow People (S1 Ep1, 1992)
5:30 Children's Ward (2000)

Sunday 6th January 2013

9:25am Mike & Angelo (S8 Ep10, Heirs and Graces, 1996)
9:50 Spatz (S3 Ep3, Tango, 1992)
10:10 Huxley Pig
10:30 Rainbow (1984)
10:50 Button Moon (1985)
11:05 The Riddlers
11:15 Rosie and Jim (1st episode, 1990)
11:35 Dangermouse (1986)
12:00pm Sooty & Co (1993)
12:25 How 2 (1995)
12:40 Fingertips (2002)
1:00 Jungle Run (2001)
1:30 Fun House (1995)
2:00 Knightmare (S7 Ep15, 1993)
2:30 Fraggle Rock (1983)
3:00 My Parents are Aliens (2005)
3:30 Woof [Rex] (1993)
4:00 Dramarama: Back to Front (1989)
4:30 Press Gang (last ever episode, 1993)
5:00 The Tomorrow People (S1 Ep2, 1992)
5:30 Children's Ward (2000)

An ITV press release about the Old Skool Weekend has added: 'Additional episodes will also be available to view and rent online at [ITV Player] for an exclusive period giving viewers the chance to re-live their favourite childhood programmes.' (In the event, where Knightmare was concerned, this only included the two episodes shown.)

We at hope that this news will help guarantee you a splendid festive period and a New Year brimming with optimism. And to CITV, a very Happy Birthday. While you're blowing out the thirty candles, the grateful and nostalgic fans who grew up with you - and there are well over thirty of us - will be holding the torch.

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