Hugo Myatt (Treguard) from Knightmare is due to star in the upcoming new sci-fi themed immersive team game, Bewilder Box.

Myatt will play the role of Dr Wilder in the new gaming experience, which is due to open in Brighton this summer.

The creators of Bewilder Box are now hoping to raise £3,000 to complete the project.

Legends reignite their shows

Following Richard O'Brien’s involvement in the return of The Crystal Maze, more cult TV legends have been enticed back into action by the popular craze of live team gaming.

The Maze reached its crowdfunding target of £500,000 in just eight days, with support from the show's original host.

Bewilder Box promises to combine the escape game concept popularized by the Crystal Maze with an immersive experience similar to Secret Cinema and Punchdrunk.

Teams will have one hour to solve puzzles and conquer challenges in order to escape a locked room, with narrative and plot added as they proceed.

It was this unique combination of crafty brainteasers and outrageously tongue-in-cheek plot that persuaded Myatt to get involved.

It sounded like a very original concept with great scope for sophisticated gameplay, not to mention a wonderfully convoluted storyline with a deliciously macabre twist. I just had to play Dr. Wilder.

Bring Bewilder Box to life

A campaign on Kickstarter is underway to raise the funds required to complete the project.

Backing the Bewilder Box campaign will offer a range of rewards including discounted bookings, signed merchandise and VIP packages.

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