Now online: John Woodnutt's appearance in an early episode of The Bill.

John Woodnutt, known and loved among Knightmare fans as Merlin and Mogdred, had a guest role in an episode of The Bill from its very first series. The episode, Burning the Books, was first broadcast in 1985. John played a bank manager.

Thanks to Drama's repeats of the series, you can now watch John Woodnutt in The Bill via UKTV Play. He appears 34 minutes into the episode.

Like the Knightmare character he would play two years later, he gave out a clue to a visitor who came to his chamber bearing a key. Unlike Merlin, he felt no need to talk to the key.

John would appear in The Bill again in the 1990s, along with a host of other Knightmare actors.

John also had 1990s appearances in Jeeves & Wooster. To find out more about his career beyond the dungeons, here is our in-depth look at John Woodnutt's performances. His role as the villain in The Boy from Space, before The Bill and Knightmare, has been newly examined in this review on We Are Cult.

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