Hugo Myatt will be among the guests at PLAY Expo London in August.

We found a clue scroll with more information (OK, it was their website):

'To coincide with us bringing Knightmare Live to PLAY Expo London, we thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to bring along Treguard himself to take part in our Knightmare TV Show Panel with other guests from the TV series. And he'll also be making an appearance in the stage show itself!

And if this wasn't enough, you'll be able to get a professional photo taken with Hugo in his full Treguard costume over the weekend.'

If Treguard in summer feels unseasonal, remember that Knightmare filming would take place during the summer holidays.

Another of the PLAY Expo guests will be Knightmare's most recent dungeoneer: Stuart Ashen a.k.a. Ashens, who donned the Helmet of Justice in the YouTube Geek Week 2013 episode.

It's all taking place at Printworks London on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th August. Buy tickets on that PLAY Expo London website we mentioned.

Social media is peppered with posts from people who've met Mr. Myatt at conventions and loved it. An experience we heartily recommend.

For a glimpse of Knightmare Live in action, with Ashens advising and a Hugo cameo, take a look at the documentary from Red Bull TV's Screenland series.

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