From Knightmare advising to nightmare advertising.

You've probably seen this Barclays advert about digital fraud.

But did you know that the star, Katharine Bennett-Fox, appeared on Knightmare? Katharine was an advisor on Team 3 of Series 4 (1990). Read our account of their adventure here.

Her Barclays appearance was written about earlier this month by the Daily Express, which alleged that Katharine's 'face of fraud' is 'so effective it is giving viewers nightmares.' Mogdred would be proud.

Katharine has had numerous roles on screen and stage, ranging from Grantchester to Compare the Meerkat.

On the subject of Knightmare, Katharine has tweeted 'We were very focused. Took it VERY seriously' and 'Don't hold my traumatic pre-teen hair choices against me OK!' So far she is the only person known to have used the Twitter hashtag #PickleFreakedMeOut.

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