Sharing some of the stellar photos, videos and posts from this month's get-together.

On 11th-12th August, PLAY Expo at The Printworks in London united guests and fans of Knightmare in a way that echoed our own Knightmare convention in 2014.

Chief among these was the face of Knightmare - that is, the face where the skin doesn't flake off as you run out of life force - Hugo Myatt a.k.a. Treguard.

'Hugo noticed me avoiding the table and called "DID I TRAUMATISE YOU IN YOUR CHILDHOOD?" Yes mate! I didn't SLEEP!!!' @RetroPrincess1

'[Met] Hugo Myatt last weekend (Knightmare) I definitely nerdgasmed. I may have squeed a little!' @Metalhead1979 (a fitting name for a dungeoneer)

'Best. Day. Ever.' 

'One of the many highlights of my life: Getting to meet, talk to and shake the hand of the true legend that is Hugo Myatt AKA #Treguard from #Knightmare. A childhood dream relived' @grandudius_time

Knightmare artist David Rowe also made a welcome appearance.

'I got David Rowe to sign his original pencil artwork of the Bomb Room in Knightmare for me. Day made'

Browse and buy David's artwork, including the excellent Art of Knightmare book, on his website.

David was interviewed by Blast Process.

Both the Saturday and the Sunday saw performances of Knightmare Live, fresh from Nine Worlds 2018 the day before. As ever, Paul Flannery was on fine form as Treguard, with Hugo Myatt treading the boards too.

Saturday's Knightmare Live advisors were the Oliver Twins, creators of the Dizzy video games which have been around as long as Knightmare. If you're a fan of both, you'll love the fangame Knightmare Dizzy.

'I got to have a go on Knightmare Live and meet the original Treguard Dunshelm which totally made my day! And I even managed to fall off the stage without breaking anything ? (love our son for telling me my landing was cool ❤️)' Maya Stone

Photo: John Smith / Caroline White

'Always such a nice surprise how much it means to people and what a friendly, joyous response we get. Thanks a million to everyone that came to the shows. Hopefully bring you some more quests soon.' Tom Bell (Lord Fear)

Among the YouTubers at PLAY Expo London were Stuart Ashen and Paul Gannon, who had served as advisors in the Knightmare Live performance filmed by Red Bull TV for their series Screenland. Stuart of course was the dungeoneer in the special Geek Week 2013 episode of Knightmare.

This, from David Middleton, is one of our favourite photos from the event. Hugo and Paul, who make video appearances in top escape room Bewilder Box, got to reunite with the Bewilder Box crew. (We've played Bewilder Box and recommend it.)

The weekend also included a Knightmare panel with Hugo, David and Paul interviewed by The Retro Hour podcast team ('Childhood dream unlocked'). It was filmed by Retro Unlim.

Thank you to everyone who made the Knightmare guests welcome at PLAY Expo and shared in the nostalgia. Here's to the next one.

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