David Rowe's Knightmare artwork will be on display at a Las Vegas trade show this month.

That show is, to quote Treguard, "not inaptly named". Retro Trader announced details on its Facebook page:

MAGIC Las Vegas is one of the biggest fashion shows in the world, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on February 5th–7th 2019.

If you are going, you should swing by and check out the H3 Retro Gaming Fashion Arcade and Lounge, run by one of our key partners, H3 Sports Gear. They are in booth 16254 in the 'Magic Men's' section, at the Mandalay Convention Center.

Retro Trader's brands include merchandise that features the artwork of David Rowe. That very much includes Knightmare, as you can see at the end of this promotional video which will be playing at the show. There is a zoom-in on a most unnerving face from the Knightmare book covers. You have been warned.

Knightmare never quite broke America. There was a US pilot episode based on Knightmare Series 6 (called Lords of the Game, shown at our convention in 2014), and reportedly repeats on a New York TV channel, not to mention the Knightmare website from Johnny Burkhart that preceded our own... but even so, helping the United States to embrace the Greater Game feels like unfinished business. Here's hoping that the presence of Knightmare in Nevada will cause new levels of interest and put David Rowe's masterpieces on merchandise and clothing across the realm.

Back on this side of Atlantis, you'll have an opportunity to meet David Rowe at PLAY Expo Manchester on 4th-5th May, where he'll be a guest alongside Hugo Myatt.

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