Hugo Myatt is among the kids' TV stars in a newly released video in aid of the food charity FareShare Sussex.

The video, from The Food Fighters, celebrates:

  • Stars of children's TV. Joining Hugo Myatt in the video are Dave Benson Phillips, Bodger & Badger and other familiar puppets. Hugo may not be in character as Treguard but very much evokes him;
  • Nirvana. It rewrites their hit Smells Like Teen Spirit as Smells Like Steak Fillet;
  • Above all, the work of the Sussex branch of FareShare, who work tirelessly to tackle food poverty and food waste.

You may have guessed that the video, while newly released, isn't newly filmed. As The Food Fighters explained on Facebook:

'Back In 2016 we hatched a plan to bring together some of our heroes from 80s and 90s children's TV for a charity music video. A bit like the Expendables film… but if the stars came from CITV and CBBC instead of action movies.

Many, many emails were sent and three wonderful individuals replied. Their names are Dave Benson Phillips, Hugo Myatt aka Knightmare's Tregard and Andy Cunningham aka Bodger And Badger. These people didn't have to respond or give us their time, but they did, they all agreed to be in our silly video and were an absolute pleasure to meet.

Our friend Dave Neale from Wild Stag Studio shot the video but we didn't quite get around to finishing it. Then in 2017 Andy Cunningham sadly passed away and for one reason or another, it never felt like the right time to release it.

The charity we wanted to support was FareShare Sussex; they are a local organisation who deliver surplus food to around 100 local charities and community projects across Sussex, getting it to the people who need it most. At the moment lots of us are struggling and facing hardships that we never thought we'd have to face, but for many of the people that rely on Fareshare, these struggles precede the Covid-19 pandemic and will likely become much worse in its wake due to job insecurity and food stockpiling.

In the face of our current crisis, it feels like a good time to put the video out. It was made in the spirit of bringing people together, making people smile and to draw attention to the fact that in hard times, we need to respond with kindness and love to our fellow humans.

If you watch the video and are entertained by Dave, Hugo and Andy, who generously gave up their time to two idiots dressed as cowboys, perhaps think about following the link, passing on the goodwill and making a donation. Just £5 enables Fareshare to deliver enough food for 25 meals and prevents 10.5 kg of food from going to waste and we think that's pretty awesome!

Peace & love in tough times,

The Food Fighters x

P.S Thanks Sally Ann Oakenfold for the excellent lyrics and Simon Zarych for the excellent recording!'

We're very much in the real world at the moment, where not everyone can get the supplies they need from strategically placed tables and life has become especially challenging for many of our fellow human beings. Please consider making a donation if you enjoyed the video.

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