In September, Giles Milner (the dungeoneer from Team 8 of Series 4 in 1990) was a guest on the Back to the Eighties podcast. Though his appearance on Knightmare was technically not in the Eighties, it turns out that his first application to be on the programme was.

Giles' quest is a personal favourite of mine and hearing him talk about his Knightmare experiences - some you may know about from his forum posts, some you may not - is not just fascinating but entertaining too. You can find the podcast here.

Also in September, YouTuber Stuart Ashen a.k.a. Ashens (the dungeoneer from the YouTube Geek Week episode of 2013, and a Knightmare Live advisor in 2014 and 2016) posted a video review of the official Knightmare board game, in which he played it with fellow YouTuber Larry Bundy Jr. This was followed by a video clip from RetroUnlim in which Stuart and Larry briefly discussed the game.

It's always reassuring when those who experienced the realm of Knightmare from the other side of the fourth wall are happy to revisit it.


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