Knightmare Live, much like a quest in the Knightmare dungeon, has had three phases.
First, the successful previews in London. Second, the shows at this year's Edinburgh Festival, where the reviewers left Knightmare Live with more stars than a giant head with a cartoon concussion. (You can read Paul Flannery's personal post-Edinburgh thoughts in this DarkChat interview.) Third, Knightmare Live is raising its Greater Game with a performance at London's Bloomsbury Theatre this Friday, the 27th of September. We have been promised 'new rooms, new characters, new rules', the advisors will be The Real MacGuffins, the dungeoneer will be lucky fan VixieBen (selected at random by Knightmare Live from those who'd booked tickets) and rumour has it that a big name or two may be turning up to see the spectacle. So if you have a ticket for this Friday's show, enjoy! If you haven't, sadly it has sold out, barring the odd last-minute offer of spares on Facebook or Twitter, or a stroke of amazingly good fortune via the theatre box office (020 3108 1000).
What's more, after Friday's show, that's it for Knightmare Live. They're burying the set, freecycling their Helmet of Justice and selling the goblins to the highest bidder - and it's tight at the top between Area 51 and Simon Cowell's private zoo.
That is, of course, absolute falsehood. Simon Cowell already has goblins in his zoo. Though it's said that they look uncannily like Simon Cowell if he were a foot shorter and had crooked teeth, almost as if a cloning experiment had gone a bit wrong. Allegedly, allegedly. But no, the truth is that Knightmare Live is far from surrender and you still have more than one chance to experience it. Here are the shows it has coming up in October.
Brighton: Sunday 13th October, 7:30pm, Old Market Theatre. Part of the Brighton Comedy Fesitval.
London: Thursday 17th October, 7:30pm, Bloomsbury Theatre.
And so far for 2014:
Stourport: Thursday 27th February, 7:30pm, Stourport Civic Theatre Hall. Knightmare Live is set to be the jewel in the crown of Stourport's first festival of comedy, C@TCH.
So let Knightmare Live tickets be yours without delay, and see just how impressively Knightmare has been turned into a live stage show. For all the latest Knightmare Live news, keep your eyeshield pointed at their website.

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