Knightmare Live: Level 2 - Coming (very) soon to a town near you.

The dates for Knightmare Live: Level 2's tour of the UK are rapidly approaching and tickets are fast selling out.  

For those of you that haven't seen last year's Knightmare Live, you are missing out!  But there's still time to fix the situation by buying a ticket.  Knightmare Live is a live-action stageshow reincarnation of the fantastic Children's TV show.  Filled with original puzzles, sidesteps to the left, and a number of props from the original show, watch as two guest comedians guide the show's volunteer dungeoneer through the dungeon to retrieve one of Lord Fear's quest objects.

For those of you that were lucky enough to see the show last year, Level 2 provides an entirely new dungeon with entirely new puzzles and story.  And puppets.  And Dragons.


The new show is showing in:

Kettering - 16 October

Brighton - 18 October

Peterborough - 24 October

Salford - 28 October

Norwich - 30 October

Guildford - 31 October

Winchester - 1 November

London Lyric Theatre - 3 November

You can buy your tickets from the Knightmare Live website.

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