Knightmare Live's Paul Flannery was interviewed for the Coaching for Geeks podcast.

Paul discusses his creation of Knightmare Live with Robin Bates in the podcast, his contribution to Knightmare's Geek Week 2013 special and his other deeds. These include Brighton's Bewilder Box escape room and Paul's own MMORPG Show.

Hear Coaching for Geeks episode 4 with Paul Flannery

Look out (with your ears) for a revelation about The Crystal Maze experience in London (where Paul has worked as a maze master) and some kind words about the team.

Knightmare Live has shows coming up in London and Exeter and at the Bluedot Festival. You can also see it in Red Bull TV's documentary series Screenland.

You can follow Paul on Twitter, where he is @piratemoustache. But while you're following, please don't blow the goblin horn, because it's actually still quite scary.

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